Welcome, Olive.






Could anything be sweeter? Introducing our new addition. She's a three months old springer spaniel. And her name is Olive. Or, if you ask Lupine her name is Olive Mariposa Bella Lily Wolf. And we are absolutely-head-over-heels-crazy-full-on-in-love with this girl.

Pete brought her home late Monday night. She was nervous, unsure of what to think of this first trip away from her old family. But by mid-morning yesterday she had adjusted and her little tail has hardly stopped wagging.

Welcome, little Olive. We love you so.

16 thoughts on “Welcome, Olive.

  1. Stacy Levenhagen says:

    I am excited for the day our family is ready for a puppy- it may be another 5 years but I’m still looking forward to it. Enjoy your newest addition!!

  2. Nicole W. says:

    adorable 🙂

    random question–but i was wondering if you had any ideas (i think it’d be a great post idea!) of things one could make as christmas presents for adults? things that don’t involve knitting or crocheting, because i can’t do either 😉

    just found out my car needs a new a/c (we still need a/c down here in texas…even in november!) and now my christmas present money went down 99%! lol

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