Will you Vote for LuSa?

Booty-option1-2TWe just discovered that we are in a final run-off for Best of Mothering 2012 Baby Care for our Booty Balm. Would you take a moment to vote for us? As a very small company this award would be a huge blessing.

You can vote here and you can also add product reviews as a bonus. (Reviews are important as they tip the final outcome.) You will need to Mothering log-in to vote, using either a Mothering.com log-in or a Facebook account, but setting up a new account is fast. I promise.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It means a lot to me.



11 thoughts on “Will you Vote for LuSa?

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Emma. Thanks! First you have to log in. You can do this with Facebook or by creating/logging into an account on Mothering.com. (Both log in options are at the upper right.) Thank you!

  2. nannergirl says:

    Done! I love booty balm and would never use anything else. I’m just waiting for the next family babe to be born so I can start gifting it. You have truly made something amazing Rachel and I hope you win.

  3. may says:

    Of course I will! Not only because I love supporting local businesses, but (more importantly) because LuSa is awesome. My daughter is 15 months old now, and Booty Balm has been great all the way.

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