Home again.



Family = love.

My children adore my family. And I do, too. We spent three days at my parent's house – my childhood home – to celebrate the Christmas holiday together. There were so many snuggles, countless books, and one very special Nanny-Lupine date to the ballet. (Um, and also a little Bumpy- (my dad) Sage time at the shooting range, but that seems somehow less… poetic and Christmas-y.)

All-in-all it was a simple, sweet holiday. The dogs all got along and the kids were doted on, yet somehow they came home with almost (almost!) no stuff. Hooray, for my family. I love you all so much!

I hope your weekend was equally blessed, peppered with the magic of your own (unique and quirky) families.

xo Rachel

P.S. Pete made this Tom and Jerry mix for my parent's for their Christmas gift. Um, yum. I just thought you should know.

5 thoughts on “Home again.

  1. kate says:

    Thanks for sharing the Tom and Jerry link. I can’t believe how much time I have gone without hearing of this delicious concoction! Warm eggnog like beverage, sounds good to me. Happy belated holidays.

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