Last week I found my efforts at staying off the computer during the day thwarted by the breastmilk brigade efforts. Dozens of emails every day and constant checking on who-was-dropping-milk-by-when kept my eyes glued to the screen from dawn until dark. Though I felt wonderful for what we were working on, after crawling into bed at night I felt depleted by all that screen time.

And then the traffic that the blog has seen in light of the two posts on mothers milk/bottles has me sucked in too. I am uber sensitive and after airing my shadows about judgement I was fixed on the screen waiting for someone to scold me. You were all – without exception – kind and saw my words for what they were. Thank you for that. We've started an amazing conversation in the comments on that post.

It was a busy week, and there was little time for the things that usually sweeten my days, but I am satisfied. Baby is fed, mother is home, and life is beginning to come back to a new normal for my friend and her family. And the flow of milk (so to speak) is hitting a less manic tempo allowing me to put it out of my mind now that there is a stash in the freezer to get them through the slow days.

With all the distractions that last week brought our rhythm eroded to the point where I'm not sure how to restart it. I think a clean sheet of paper and good intentions are in order and I'll start from scratch. Sage has been asking to learn to spell and write in cursive and to do chemistry experiments. I need to pick up some curriculum and supplies and get back into homeschooling mode.

I stopped simplifying for the week, except that we had a house showing scheduled on Saturday in the midst of the milky drama. Pete stepped up and did the most amazing organization of our (formerly cluttered) basement. While he didn't purge (that seems to be my department: acquisitions and rejections) the layout is so open and orderly my work is cut in half for moving things out. Such gratitude for the two nights he spent working there.

In light of all the purging we've done in weeks past, I do wonder if less clutter is at the heart of our finding what we think is our farm and being ready to put our house up for sale. I told Pete that I thought we found our land because I cast off two stagnant knitting projects. I was only half joking. Because if everything has chi, we're cleaning up our energy in a big way and making space for what we want.

In other news, my company LuSa Organics was given with a nice award that I never shared with anyone. We were honored as "Champions" in body care safety and transparency by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Only a few hundred companies world wide received this honor world-wide. We're pleased.

Wow. That post was all over the map. Thanks for sticking with me.

Wishing you a blessed day.



6 thoughts on “Rambling.

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    I think the ability to set ourselves goals and then to cut ourselves some slack when the universe shifts around us is what we should be striving for. It is never a failure to give up our own plans to help others or to stop in the face of a greater need. I love the fact that you were able to stand still accept that things were not going to go to plan and turn around and do what was needed. I have friends who are able to work towards their goals as the ground beneath them (and their friends)crumbles about them…single minded but nothing like as admirable. I would like to add my voice to all the others saying what a great job you are doing! (The simplicity will wait! xx)

  2. Dana says:

    So excited to hear about your new home. When will you know for sure?

    I enjoy your blog so much. I live in Farmington, MN… not too very far from you.

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    We dont use any curriculum per se, but when the kids were interested in letters we ended up with a copy of Handwriting Without Tears. Now Sage wants to do some chemistry so were searching for something to fill that need. We almost never use curriculum but they are nice to work in when the interest is there and it exceeds my knowledge.

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