Making: Hair tie and bobby pins.







Well those were fun.

There is something addictive about covering buttons. And when you have bobby pins, rings, and hair ties to attach them to it's that much more obsessive.

For whatever reason it is oddly satisfying to take a tiny 1" scrap of fabric and turning it into something useful/adorable. We can't stop. I think we've made them everyday since the supplies came home.

The kids and I got our supplies from this lovely little shop on Etsy. And while yes, you can pick up covered button kits at the fabric store, Sunbeam Button's prices might even beat Hancock for the button parts, plus Sherry offers simple tutorials to go with her kits (which, believe it or not, I actually needed for our first project).

The hair-tie/bobby pin sweatshop that is our kitchen table hasn't let up for days. Lupine – with a bit of help from me to cover the button – has made pairs of ties for most of her friends (and to match most of her own outfits). Sage has been making them too, thought not wearing any of course. Too girlie. Ahem. (Ooh, unless we make some in his favorite color – camouflage.)

We've all been at it until our hands ache. It's that kind of satisfying. I expect we'll stop exactly when we run out of supplies. And then we might just need to get some more.

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And as a postscript, I wanted to show you the matchbox babies from yesterday's craft madness at my table. (You did see my "Hey girl" on that post, right? It keeps cracking me up.) This year we made one needle felted cloud baby (Sage's), one heart baby (Lupine's), and a wee garden beet baby (for me).

The kids and I decided that they are "dream babies" this year and should live on our night stands to help us with good dreams.

I'm in.

3 thoughts on “Making: Hair tie and bobby pins.

  1. Kim says:

    These are lovely. We are actually anxiously awaiting the arrival of our supplies from Sunbeam Buttons, should be here today or tomorrow…I hope. Looks like you guys are having a great time with it.

    Love the matchbox babies!

  2. Robyn says:

    Love it! another great craft to store away in my head for my little one is just a bit bigger :). she’s already a crafter though. sometimes i hear her talking to her babies during their own little craft time. so sweet and weird to hear my words coming out of her mouth. makes me smile every time, especially when she uses my EXACT tone of voice, lol.

  3. Mikaela says:

    I’ve been laughing at those “hey girls” you posted on your pinterest page ever since I found them. Hilarious. Glad you have your very own Ryan Gosling!

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