Seeing Their Gifts.




When Sage was small it was the two of us. Everyday. From wake-up until dinner time it was the Mama-Sagie show. For more than 4 years. Reading, cooking, cleaning, sledding, swimming, playing, working. We got quite accustom to each other's company. The past five years (since Lupine was born and Pete quit his job to join me in LuSa Organics) it's been the four of us most days. What a dramatic shift. It's been nothing short of amazing to have so much time for our whole family to be together. I count that blessing everyday.

And yet, sometimes one-on-one is perfect. Sometimes I miss it.

I got three sweet Valentines from Sage. Inside of one was a coupon for "one day of Mama-Sagie time". I'm cashing it in today.

There have been days (months?) when mothering felt like so much work. And when you're mired in struggle or worry or suffering it can be difficult to see the gifts that our children bring to our lives. I've been there. But these days I can see Sage's (and Lupine's) gifts so clearly, I wonder how I could have missed their magic in the past.

As we set out on our Mama-Sagie outing today I appreciate Sage's sensitivity, his humor, his intuition, his mind, his imagination, and his softness. And I appreciate the gift of a whole day with him alone. Just like old times.


10 thoughts on “Seeing Their Gifts.

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    That one to one time is so special and so important…I love the different dynamics of time spent as a family, with just one or the other of my boys and the time spent alone with my husband. Sometimes it feels like hard work to fit all those different combinations into our lives but every time we do I realise again how magic it is! 😀

  2. Robyn says:

    This is exactly what i am feeling most conflicted about with adding baby number 2 this May. I will lose most of my mommy-Rory time. And baby number 2 will miss out on his own mommy-baby time. It will be so different. it makes me a little sad, for both of them. but i console myself with the thought that they will also get the love of a sibling, which i think is another wonderful treasure.

  3. Margaret B. says:

    Yes… I miss the 1:1 time with my first-born, too. Life is wonderful in my family, exactly how it is, but… yes… Time for some 1:1 Mama-Sammy time around here… As always, thank you.

  4. Kelly says:

    Yes, I know just what you mean! So many beautiful memories of when it was just me and my one little one together all day, and I also remember some of those early days stretching on so long, but now when I get solo time with my oldest it is so so precious!

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