Change in the Air.





Oh, my. There is a season-shift afoot. The snow is gone, the temps are rising, and the earth is becoming soft beneath my feet. We find ourselves outside in the mud and the sunshine all day, playing in the warm breezes and getting lost in the magic of this unexpectedly early spring.

Inside we seem to spend just enough time to make a good thorough mess and then run off again. Wow. Our house is trashed. So today, we will clean. A little anyway. And then we'll head back out into the garden and the yard and the woods for another day of pseudo-spring as we'll dance to the music of the birds.

And before bed, as always, we will read. Even in the outside-all-the-time spring there is time for reading. I haven't shared our favorite books with you for a long time. Some of these I've shard with you before (our perpetual favorites), others we have joyfully discovered more recently. Happy Tuesday, and happy reading (if you can make yourselves sit down for long enough).


Favorite Spring Books for Children

For Lupine (5)

Spring by Gerda Muller

Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow

Around the Year by Elsa Beskow


For Sage (9)

The Magnificent Book of Kites by Maxwell Eden

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air by Walter Kraul


For All

Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy

When the Root Children Wake Up by Audrey Wood




5 thoughts on “Change in the Air.

  1. Marlo says:

    Children of the Forest and When the Root Children Wake Up are in our queue for today as well. I love that Audrey Wood version. Oh, I think we read Around the Year today as well. It must be spring! Glad you are enjoying time outside. This inspires me to go outside. Whenever I am having a hard time getting outside, I think about your encouraging post to get out there everyday. Thank you.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots is a favourite of ours too! (I even bought a copy for my sons school!) Spring seems to have disappeared here this week but I am off to Paris on Thursday and I am hoping to catch up with it there…Hope your lovely early Spring stays around – keep dancing! 😀

  3. amy says:

    Thanks for the reminder! Our winter book basket has been gathering dust for a few weeks now, and spring breezes are blowing early here in Maine too. Time to pull out the spring books, hooray!

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