Making: Kid’s Nature Mandalas.







We interrupt our regularly planned homeschooling to bring you this spontaneous nature craft.

These children (and this boy in particular) never cease to amaze me. While I was getting dinner ready last night I saw Lupine running here and there with great armloads of dandelions. Sage kept coming into view, high in our crab apple tree, dropping blossoms and branches to the ground below. Climbing, gathering, trimming, and arranging they worked for most of an hour. Lupine was in charge of pulling petals and needles from branches while Sage laid out the blossoms and twigs. And then I was led (blindfolded) to see what they had created. A stunning nature mandala displayed on the front lawn, complete with a candle for night-viewing.


I think so. For what it is and for what it represents. Because their joy is found in blossoms and branches; because the hour before dinner was spent out in the breezes and sunshine; because there is no video game or other screen occupying their unstructured time. Just pink and yellow flowers.

I love who they are, how they play, and how they see the world. And this mandala was a little window into my boy's heart. 

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and creativity – where you least expect it.



11 thoughts on “Making: Kid’s Nature Mandalas.

  1. Kate says:

    Their work reminds me of the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. If you or the kiddos are not familiar with his work you should definitely check it out. He makes artwork using only supplies from nature and his own hands. His work often is not permanent and returns to nature after creation. I know your kids are TV-free, but Andy Goldsworthy has a movie called Rivers and Tides which is a beautiful way to watch him create and then watch his artwork return to the earth again. Beautiful mandala Sage and Lupine!

  2. ZingDay says:

    They seem quite proud of their artistry as they should be. How wonderfully green and vibrant everything is, it’s still wintry here in the NW. Can we join you? (tee-hee!)

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Kate,
    That was actually one of the first videos that Sage ever watched. My sister gave him a coffee table book of his work and he was CAPTIVATED! We should watch it again…

    P.S. Sage beamed when I shared your comment with him. 🙂

  4. Lynn Todd says:

    I just had to share the kids nature mandela on my FB page, it is soooooo wonderful to see any child spend their spare time with mother nature and the world that God created for us rather than in front of a TV, video game or computer!

    It gives me hope for our generations to come.

    Loved the post Rachel, thank you for giving me a smile and a bit of happiness to my day. 🙂

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