Spring Break for Unschoolers.





It's spring break this week for our local school friends. When I heard they were off of school I had a flash of, "Hey! We should take a week off, too!"

But a week off from unschooling is like trying to take a week off from life. We live and learn, all at the same time. There is no spring break, no summer vacation, no start time and no stop time. We're either unschooling or we're, well, asleep. Because around here, learning = life. There is no distinction between the two.

So until we figure out a way to take a week off from cooking and reading and creating and  experimenting, I guess we'll keep rolling right on through. Making kites, sewing clothes, learning to speak French, building robots, and experimenting with chemistry. Spring break or no, unschooling is everyday.

And that's just fine with me. In fact, it feels downright perfect.


P.S. If you are curious (or confused) about what unschooling is, this link is a great place to start. The links in the post are exceptional as well if you want a bit more detail. This is what we do. 

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