Two Missions. One Weekend.







(Photo of me asleep by the creek courtesy of Sage.)

The weekend is coming. Where will you spend it?

Personally, I am a woman with two missions. One inside, one out.

Mission One looks like a long list of what-simply-must-get-done-inside-of-my-house this weekend. Remember this? Yep. So do I. Or I am in the process of remembering it again anyway. I'm back on it with a mission. An end date even.

I've gotten pretty firm with myself and I broke down the house into areas that need work. (If you must know, every room and every closet are on the list. Yes, even the backyard.) I've assigned myself one to three spaces per week, no excuses. By June I'll be free of all this clutter! Eeek! That's my plan anyway.

Are you still simplifying or did you, too, fall off the simplicity wagon? Climb back on with me! I'm so ready for the space (physical and emotional) that comes with letting go.

Oh, but there is still Mission Two. You see, it's also spring. The ramps and nettles are up. Through my windows I can hear the birds calling. And I really want to be outside. Constantly.

The weekend around here is supposed to be cold and rainy. (Some might even say "miserable" for late April.) But despite the work going on in my closets – and despite the questionable weather – I'm planning to get out in it just the same. A little foraging, a little hiking, a little gardening, a little something – one way or another. Heck, just having tea on the porch isn't a bad way to spend the morning, even if I do have to wear my mittens.

What about you? Will you join me? Which mission will you take on this weekend?

25 thoughts on “Two Missions. One Weekend.

  1. Jenn says:

    We’re packing, packing, packing, and purging at the same time…I pick everything up, ask myself if each object is worth moving to my new (dream) space. Do I love it enough to pack it, move it, and unpack it? If no, it’s outta here! Feels so wonderful!

    Tonight, we campfire. Perhaps in the freezing cold, but still, we campfire!

  2. Lori says:

    Im just gonna need something to de-stress after this week of dealing with the Public school system. Oh im getting tired of it.

  3. Karen C says:

    I need to get back on the purge wagon, too. I feel like I can breathe better when it is all gone. I’ll have to make some time for that this weekend, and I really need to get busy making the doll furniture I am planning on selling at a market in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy the spring weather!

  4. Cassandra says:

    I’ve been purging slowly…a cabinet here, a drawer there over the last few months. I thought it would add up but there is still so much left to do. I am all over this end-date idea. I am going to set myself a deadline too! This weekend I am going to draft a plan…thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. Mousy Brown says:

    I’ve been ill (again) and it has really put me behind with my de-clutter plans (it also means I missed a lot of what has been going on here…sorry my voice wasn’t there in the supportive comments, it would have been if I knew, although I know thats a little lame at this point…)and my garden plans are going nowhere either, so I think a weekend of planning might be in order…Enjoy yours! Em 😀

  6. Jillian says:

    My dad is visiting and is bringing with him wood and asparagus crowns! The weather will be similar to yours but we will be in it regardless. I also just ate my first ramps of the season this week. I cooked them with some kale and garlic from the garden. SO good! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Anne says:

    I’m feeling the need to purge and organize. I’m hoping to get the whole family onboard, but will do my part regardless.

  8. Mama Jen says:

    I had slowed on my room by room clean, simplify project but then it occurred to me just how close summer is. So I am back at it with gusto in hopes to have my few final spaces done by end of May so summer can be spent outdoors with no looking back. A cool Thursday morning yesterday allowed me to crank out two spaces. The projects prove to be a bit of a hang up. Oh well…Blessings to you and mission one and two. Peace.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I’m with you… on or off the bandwagon it never seems to end, I think realizing that might be the hardest part! Great Dane is offering $5 gift certificates for every 10 books you donate to the Ashman library in April so there is a little extra incentive to pair down your book collection for Madison folks. We have been enjoying morels and stocking up on nettles but have yet to find any ramps. Tips?

  10. Kelly says:

    Good luck with the decluttering! We are moving soon so we had an enormous yard sale and got rid of so much stuff. I was very strict with myself about books, toys, and everything, and it was worth it. Our house feels WONDERFUL now! I highly recommend it!

  11. Sheila says:

    My goal is my bookcases this weekend. We rearranged our living room last weekend, and now the view from my chair is cluttered bookcases. This must go! We’ll see. Good luck to you.

  12. Jenifer says:

    Well on the schedule this weekend is a little gardening–or at least garden preparation and some de-cluttering. So funny that we remembered that goal at around the same time. I guess spring fever leads to the desire to simplify. 🙂 Happy Weekending to you all!

  13. Amber J says:

    We are selling our house and moving soon, so simplifying has been and continues to be on my mind much of the time. My plan for the move is to move everything that has a place in the new home and then have a large sale for all the leftovers. It will be my first time moving like this so I have a little nervousness around it. I feel it will be wondrous when its all said and done!

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