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It has been ages since I've shared a finished knitting project with you. There has been plenty of casting off, but for some reason I just don't get around to photographing those projects very often.

This spring I cast off my Lupine's shawl.

I've had it in my Ravelry favorites for ages. But I didn't cast it on until a friend (who found it in my favorites) knit one. Hers was stunning so I decided to go for it.

As it turns out I am not a fan of knitting lace on size two needles. (Who knew?)

It was quiet torture for me, by no fault of the lovely (and truly simple) design. But every few rows I'd count my stitches and be off by several on one side. And always the same side! I'm not a perfectionist (thank goodness or I'd have given up on this project just a few days in) so I'd throw a few stitches in here and there to bring it back up the the right number.

But then a few rows later I was off again.

I gave up on the lace one repeat short of what the pattern dictated and called it good enough. I think it looks great as is, albeit shorter (and less perfect) than it was intended. I won't be knitting another one. I just can't do tiny lace.



Oh, and the color! Remember my desire to bust through my yarn stash? This was the project I cast on after this post. An unobtrusive grey sock yarn, varagated with light blue, white, and dark grey.

We dyed it with two packs of kool aid (cherry and raspberry I believe). I had no idea what color it would turn out which was risky/fun. (I know what you're thinking. "She's so crazy!" Okay. Maybe not. Yeah, that's about as wild as I get over here.)

As it turns out, we got a muted cranberry-raspberry color. I like it enough, but didn't go gaga for it.

Lupine, however, did. As soon as it came out of the dye pot she fell in love with it, so I gave it to her. I did make her promise to share it with me, but 9 out of 10 days she wears it, not me.

The pattern is here and my project is over here.

As for the rest of her outfit (in case you were wondering), it's homemade too.





I sewed these last year when I was on an Etsy kick, selling kids clothes and Waldorf dolls. This was my prototype in fabric that I kind of hated. I was just using it so as to not waste any fabric that I liked.

But somehow that dusty blue and rose has grown on me so much since then then. And now I love it. Truly love it. (The floral print came from my mom's 1980's stash, from something ruffly she made for my sister.)

Unfortunately (for those who are wondering) no there isn't a pattern. There is a slim chance that I could be convinced (someday) to work one up for you but I don't want to promise that quite yet.

The top was inspired by this one and the skirt was inspired by her obsession with twirling when she was four. It is two full circles, connected at the waist and trimmed with vintage thrift-store cotton lace.

Because of the generous sizing she's going into her second year of it fitting beautifully. Two years for one mama made makes me very happy.

What else makes me very happy? That she loves it so much that she squealed when we took it out of the summer clothes box in the basement last week. That's the best reward of mama-made.



And for the record, twirly or not, this skirt is great for wearing while catching barn kittens. I see one now. Run!

5 thoughts on “Mama made.

  1. denise says:

    Rachel – this shawl is GORGEOUS and looks like it was made to rest on Lu’s shoulders! And for the record, I spent a recent 2+ hours at a local coffee shop fixing a major mistake that occurred while knitting my second one of these! A little bit of struggle, yes, but the pattern is so beautiful. Oh, and for anyone thinking of trying the pattern out, I think that the needles called for are actually size 6 — though it feels like they are on size 2!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Wow. 6? Amazing. I thought they were 00 but rounded up to 2. And now? Im knitting socks on size 2 which would drive YOU crazy but somehow I am loving it. Crazy. Love you, D! See you tonight. 🙂

  3. amy says:

    love it, the shawl and her whole outfit! makes me wish i had a girl to dress up all in twirly skirts and stripey tights! (though really, both of my boys would totally wear both. not quite the same, however.) she’s beautiful.

  4. angie says:

    absolutely darling! I love the outfit and those gorgeous eyes. I have such fun sewing for my wee ones (of course they aren’t so wee any more).

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