Please pardon the extended silence. Have you missed me? I've missed you back.

There are lots of reasons I've been quiet. In fact, I almost charged right through today without posting too, but I thought you might start to fret.

The silence has been a result of several things, like being off-line through most of my Sunday-Monday weekend, shaking off a little stomach bug, two days of travel, and living more in the here and now. As much as I love sharing with you, lately I have little desire to log onto my computer and sit down behind this screen.

I'm just having so much more fun out of this office, living my real life that it takes some mindful focus to come back inside and sit down. This change has been huge for me. It's sinking in now (less wrestling with myself to stay offline, more convincing myself to log-on and do some work). It has been transformative.

As I get accostum to less screen time I'll be working to find my balance of how and when I write. Bear with me while I sort it out.

I've also decided that enough is enough with the foot-dragging I've done on writing my book. I'm carving out time to write every week. Starting now! Because it's important to me. More book writing means less blog writing. I hope you'll understand.

This in no way means I won't be here. I will be. It just won't be quite as predictable as before. I'll post, and then I won't for a couple of days. And repeat. But in the end I'll have a book to share with you, which feels like a very big and important deal. To me anyway.

The photos above are unrelated. Sage had a friend sleep over last night, and they laid their sleeping bags out in the grass and star-gazed/UFO-searched until 10 PM, hours after Sage's normal bedtime. These two kids were alive to the here and now. Present. Soaking it in.

What more could we want out of life?

7 thoughts on “Quiet.

  1. Tameka says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I enjoy reading your blogs, so you were missed. But, I do understand why — you need time for yourself, your family, your business, your book. So do what you gotto do! What kind of book are you writing?
    Be well,

  2. Cassandra says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about this mindful thing since you brought it up. Not only when I’m with my family, but at work too. I spend a lot of my time not being in the moment. When I am at home with my family I’m fretting about things I need to accomplish elsewhere…same when I’m at work. I think about grocery lists, potty training, etc. while I have work in front of me. I’ve turned off the chatter in my brain. The more mindful I am with whatever I’m doing, the better it is. 🙂

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