My Mother's Day was indeed better than my birthday. (And I was so immersed in my lounging that I didn't take a photo all weekend, except some funny ones below that I'll share in a moment.)

But really. Such bliss.

When I got up I was greeted with handmade cards from my kids and a latte from my man. (Pete made me not one, not two, but three exquisite decaf lattes throughout the morning.) And then they made fruit and yogurt parfaits for breakfast in my beloved cabbage glasses.

And then he left. With the kids. And the puppy. For hours. They drove to the country and took a creekside hike while I stayed home (sipping that last latte) playing with some art supplies I picked up over the weekend. (More on that later in the week.) They came home and Pete harvested lettuce from the garden (squeal!) and made a chicken salad with fresh buttermilk dressing for lunch, which we ate outside in the sunshine.

Does it get any better than that? Well yes, actually, it does.



When they came home from their hike they brought a huge trout, found freshly deceased with a head wound (perhaps from a heron). Lupine was beside herself, running around with this gigantic fish in her hands. (I suspect this girl will get into either fishing or science for a good part of her childhood.)

Pete hosted a spontaneous science class for the neighborhood, Fish Dissection and Anatomy 101, with some of our favorite people from the block – kids and adults. We were a mixed bunch, as we usually are around here – homeschoolers and school-families, ominvores and a vegetarian, squeamish and not. (For the record, the vegetarian was perhaps the least squeamish of all, aside from Lupine.) What a crazy scene we were for passing cars!




Because really, it isn't Mother's day until you cut the head off of a trout.

In the afternoon I took a bath and then a two hour nap and then got up and sewed a few seams on the curtains I am making for our camper. Oh, and they brought me flowers twice, wildflowers from their hike and then a bouquet from the coop. And I took a two-hour nap. And then he cooked dinner. And it was fantastic. How sweet is my family? Love over love with honey on top.

Yes, Pete. You rocked it. I didn't wash a dish or cook a meal or even make my own coffee all day long. And after the last few weeks that was just what I needed. 

So today I am a different person, steeped in the gratitude of so much love. And ready to wash some dishes.

Also in honor of Mother's day, I posted something for my mom yesterday (in case you missed it), and also re-read this post. It brought back that time so fresh and vibrant like it was yesterday. And while I was reading it Sage walked into the room, so tall and almost ten-years-old to show me a project he's been working on. He glanced at the screen and the photo of him in the sling and me reading that post all teary-eyed, and he smiled and walked away.

Oh, my. Ten years is a long time. I love him more every day.

So for all the mamas: (a day late, but nonetheless…) You are changing the world. You are doing it right. And your kids are blessed by your unwavering love.

Sending hugs to you all today.



8 thoughts on “Wonderful.

  1. KC says:

    What a great day! It makes me feel like I had that wonderful day! What I wouldn’t give for a two hour nap!! I really love how just one day or even a few hours off recharges a mama and she’s willing to wash dishes clean up messes and deal with tantrums with a smile on her face!

  2. Jess says:

    oh my goodness. I just read the old post that you linked to, and yes. yes to everything. my babe is 7 months old now. I’m holding him now, sleeping in my arms, while his empty crib stares back at me. he’s never slept in it. I’ve never changed the sheets. I would have never guessed. ever. thank you for your writing.

  3. Kristina says:

    I loved this post. I spent my mother’s day grocery shopping, so that I could spend some much needed time with my beloved. He *always* does the grocery shopping for me. We used to do it together, but my days are so busy that he leaves me at home and does the shopping for me. Yesterday, I spent the day with him because we have so little time to spend together during the week. Our days are meant to be spent the way we need, aren’t they? Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. And, my 8 year old son, when he saw that last photo, said, “Sweet!” 😀

  4. Spring says:

    I too am glad you had such a nice mother’s day! I had a great one also, and involving fish, a long nap and freshly picked flowers. I struggled with a bad headache all day, only for my mother to come visit and then we all made a jaunt to the river at dusk. To make a long story short I caught a catfish and my dear 11 year old daughter yanked me into the cold river as I was trying to help her out of it. Shock quickly turned into the realization that it was one of the best mother’s days ever. And I love that last photo with Lupine holding the fish!

  5. Sashira says:

    “Because really, it isn’t Mother’s day until you cut the head off of a trout.”

    One of the best things I’ve read on the internet for a while.

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