Meet Smudge.







Yes. We really did.

I know. We just got a puppy. And an angora rabbit (named Moonstone for the record. I don't think I ever told you his name.)

But a kitten really rounds out the domestic animal herd, doesn't it? One old dog and one puppy, one old cat and one kitten, and a bonus rabbit. (I'm not counting the fish, tadpoles, and occasional snakes.)

Over the past couple of months my kids have slowly tamed a wild kitten at a farm where Sage takes a class. This is one kitten of many from two litters born to semi-wild cats that live in the barn.

Every Tuesday the kids come home with stories of the sweet little black kitten who let them hold him. Sometimes Pete (the practical no-more-pets guy) even talks up how unbelievably cute this little one is.

And because Pete normally takes the kids to class I hadn't met the kitten yet.

But this week. This week I took the kids to class.

(That was our fatal error.)

I called Pete half-way through class. There was a small and sweet kitten asleep in my lap. I believe my exact question was, "Would it ruin your day if I brought that kitten home?"

And his response was an immediate, "Is it the black one? Isn't he adorable?!"

And so we did. We brought him home.

He's a barn cat, we rationalized. We just need the barn.

And oh, my. He's so darn cute. Last night he slept in my bed in the crook of my arm, just like my kids did when they were babies.

Eeek! A kitten!


14 thoughts on “Meet Smudge.

  1. marissa says:

    Oh, so sweet! By the divine greatness of all things wished, this barn kitten will bring you *THE BARN*. And a few mice probably too 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    You are brilliant, and sweet! I have two cats and a dog, and constantly have to restrain myself from adding a rodent to the mix. Congratulations on your adorable new addition.

  3. Karla says:

    So sweet! I love kittens! We had lots of cats growing up (in addition to our rabbits) and I miss it. We had a few shortly after getting married but they didn’t fare too well in our yard. 🙁

  4. KC says:

    He is adorable. S keeps asking for a cat. And chickens. I think we’ll work on the cat first. How much energy does it take to have two little ones ie 3 and 10 months and get a new pet? I want to make the right decision for the animal!

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    An adult cat might be a better choice. I have never had a kitten before, but Im finding that it is certainly higher maintenance than an adult cat – but nothing compared to a puppy! What about a pet rat? I know. It sounds strange. But they are social, sweet, smart, and clean. I had them as kids and thought they were like tiny well behaved dogs.

  6. Liza Bedoya says:

    I love the second to the last photo. Isn’t that a sweet scene? — Olive kissing your little Smudge. Dogs and cats are known to be fierce with other, but you’re pets are so friendly. She pleasantly welcomes your new member of the family.

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