Sewing shorts.





I have this strange/terrible/wonderful habit of taking on new sewing projects when I should be packing for a trip.

As in during that crazy night-before-leaving phase when your undivided attention is needed to pack the bathroom bag and inventorying the food and prepare the car snacks.

I'm not sure when it started (and it might just be a highly productive stalling technique) but it's almost guaranteed that if we're about to leave I've abandoned my chores and have slipped into the basement for some sewing.

The latest stitching began as the kids and I packed for a week away. We're leaving tomorrow, but Lupine discovered that she's lacking shorts.

She was all skirts and dresses last summer so I wasn't concerned by her having only one pair of shorts, but she's a little less fru-fru these days and a bit more rough-and-tumble.

That girl needed shorts.

So while their auntie took them to the library for books for the drive I dashed downstairs and threw these together with fabric from my stash and a pattern I drew up for Sage a few years back.

So easy, and so adorable. The pleated snail and mushroom pockets push them over the edge. Oh, I'm loving this little-less-girlie stage. I can use snail fabric!

She loves them, I love them, and now I need to pack.

Have a great few days, sweet friends. Stay cool out there.



4 thoughts on “Sewing shorts.

  1. meghann says:

    Oh, aren’t those adorable?? The ruffle on the pocket is just perfect!

    We needed more shorts on vacation, too. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this until we were already there & Asher had worn every pair of shorts he had. He had a few pairs of pants, but he insisted on “little pants.” I think I’m going to make twice as many next year.

    Have a wonderful time! xo

  2. Pamela R says:

    I’ll need to borrow that patterns (and probably also call dibs on the shorts!). 🙂 I need to get inspired to get going on my sewing list…maybe we should plan a big trip.

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