Finding joy

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Today's post is just one click away. I'm blogging this morning over at Simple Homeschool (and my post isn't just for homeschoolers).

The question I am mulling is: Are work and joy mutually exclusive?

Pop over to hear my thoughts. If you are inspired to comment feel free to do it here or over there.

Thanks for visiting, all. Have a blessed (joy-filled) day!



8 thoughts on “Finding joy

  1. Jackie says:

    Loved your post today at Simple Homeschool and will be a new follower here. I’m about to embark on homeschooling for the first time, both of my girls ages 5 & 7. We just went on a family vacation where I had all of the same epiphanies. I simply played. And I realized so often in my to do list I forget to have fun with my kids. It’s all about the next task or planning and preparing the next meal. I vowed to make this an intentional goal, to play every day. And do you know today we have been back one week and I am finding myself already starting to get worked into a scheduling tizzy, unable to figure out how to make all the puzzle pieces work. I’m conscious that I’m doing it so perhaps that’s the first step. But geesh… it’s a hard knee jerk reaction to re-train. I look forward to reading more of your wisdom here. Thanks!

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