Almost a year ago I found a vintage new-in-the-box Gocco at a thrift store.

I squealed, then danced around in the isle embarrassing my children who could not understand why that cheesy cardboard box full of craft supplies was so thrilling to me.

It was $3.50.

When I told a friend about it she told me she had paid ten times that much for hers not two years before. Yup. Total score.

I kept stalling on using it. I had only five screens and didn't want to squander my resources. So there it sat. For a year.

Also, I was a little baffled on how to use it until I found this delightful video on Youtube. As a visual learner, that video changed everything. I didn't even need the manual anymore.

Last week Sage and I decided that we'd give it a go making invitations for his birthday party. I drew the card, he burned the screen and printed the invitations.

And I am so hooked.

The heart-break is that Gocco no longer manufactures supplies. Meaning this little honey might have a shorter life than I'd like. But there are supplies out there. I just might need to hoard some.

Do you Gocco?



8 thoughts on “Gocco!

  1. marni says:

    I don’t Gocco, but printmaking was one of my favorite classes at art school. Presses are so cool, this thing looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to see what you guys scheme up next!

  2. Sharilyn says:

    I just received a Gocco from a friend for free! I too am a visual learner & the manual has me a big flummoxed – I will check out the video for sure! Also there are supplies available still- a local studio here in Vancouver sells supplies – http://www.blim.ca
    I know it’s really far away from you but it might be worth it to check out!

  3. Jess says:

    oh do I ever gocco! I have a unit that I paid far too much for, and another that I scored for 5 bucks at goodwill. (thrifting high fives!) You can find a lot of the supplies on eBay now. My best discovery has been to make my designs with the cheap B&W laser printer I just bought instead of photocopies/black carbon pen. The quality is amazing! just finished a huge batch of business cards!

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