Ten times round the sun.









Dear Sage,

A decade ago we greeted you with open arms as you wooshed into our world in a yellow house in Baraboo.

So watchful. So aware. So present. You were the most beautiful baby I had every seen, and your eyes spoke of lifetimes of knowing.

That day changed everything.

You've taught me countless lessons these past ten years. Most importantly how to mother. For that I am grateful.

I treasure your humor, your intuition, your clever mind. I love your cuddles, your creativity, and your belief in all things magical. I treasure you for honoring your truths, for your honesty, and for your sensitivity.

Happy birthday Sage. I love you with all of my heart – and then some.


In case you missed it, I shared a more about Sage's birth and babyhood in this post (my most popular post to date). I still can't read it without crying.

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  1. amber jackson says:

    Wow, Sage you are so beautiful and wise. I just went back and reread the motherhood post and I am quite amazed at how much my reaction to that post has changed over the last year or so. It is resonating more and more with me that motherhood is such a shape shifter of viewpoints and personal choices. I am here with my youngest one who has pushed me beyond my wildest dreams in order to be the mother that she needs me to be. Thank you for sharing.

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