All fall down.













It's that time again.

(She says with a longing sigh.)

If each season has a temperament late fall is melancholic. Foggy, damp, chilly, and grey. Quiet.

But even so it's still starkly beautiful. So different from a month ago. A simple, almost sad beauty. There is abundant color beneath our feet but none dancing up in the sky.

So I'm snuggled in my woolies, watching it all transform.

It's time to harvest the last of the kale and put this garden to bed. It's time to build an all-season chicken coop so that our girls stay warm when winter arrives. It's time to plan and dream and sketch and plot all that we'll create in the spring, as we dig deep once more in the muddy earth.

What about in your world? What does this season bring?


6 thoughts on “All fall down.

  1. meghann says:

    Oh, I love fall. Even the wet, the damp, the melancholy, as you say. It’s nature’s signal that it’s time to button things up & settle in for winter. And as much as I love being out of doors in summer’s long days, I do so love bundling up under blankets and doing work indoors in the winter. This is perhaps my favorite time of year. xo

  2. Carole says:

    I adore Autumn but as we move into Spring over here I am grateful for the feel of soil between my fingers as we use what little space we have at our rental to create what we hope will be all our summer veges. Autumn for me this year (and Winter as well for that matter) consisted of jumping onstage with our local theatre group, to encourage myself and my partner out of the house and into the warm company of good friends and great coffee! A fab way to pass the chilly season and stay active x

  3. kari c. says:

    This is the strangest of all in the Southwest, I am so used to a fall like yours. I am scrambling to get a winter garden going, and planning a January garden- such an interesting rhythm! Luckily we will have kale for a couple more months. 🙂

  4. Emmalina says:

    I’m looking forward to a big exhale and some rest this winter. We’ve had a busy season building up our farm and I’m ready for some quiet days! We’re closing down our farm right now, culminating in a big bonfire party next week : )

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