3 thoughts on “Viroqua Harvest Parade.

  1. Kristina says:

    I have never wanted to live somewhere cold. Well, there was a time there when I thought Montana would be nice. But, every time you post something about Viroqua, I desperately want to pack up and move to Wisconsin, of all places.

  2. Bianca says:

    “Viroqua Salutes Tobacco”. I find that to be funny. I imagine there must be some tobacco farms in the area.
    What a beautifully colorful parade.

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Oh, yes. (And the little girls in green below the photo of the mastodon are “Tobacco Princesses”. “Princess Viroqua” of old was a tobacco princess. (Of course. Didn’t every small town have one?) 😉

    HUGE tobacco farming history here. Every other farm we’ve looked at comes with a slatted tobacco barn for drying leaves. It was the main economy here a generation or two ago, and the parade this year was the history of our town – from the glaciers that missed us right thorough today.

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