Birthday preparations.





In a few days Lupine will turn six. (I am not entirely sure how that happened.)

Strong, appreciative, beautiful, determined, joyful, and silly six.

And because it is my neurosis of choice, I'll be crafting like crazy until her birthday arrives. There is a tea party to plan, peg people to paint, a grain-free cake to bake, and yes, even a sweater to complete. Before Saturday. (The sweater is making me a little nervous to be honest.)

Oh, my. It's time to get busy!


8 thoughts on “Birthday preparations.

  1. Karen C says:

    They grow up so fast. My baby just turned 8, and it’s hard to remember her as a six year old! Enjoy your week getting ready for the big day – can’t wait to see all the gifts you are making!

  2. Melissa says:

    My daughter just had a tea party on Saturday. Each girl got her own fancy tea cup and saucer with their choice of hibiscus/lemon tea or lemonade. We served them finger sandwiches, and fruit kabobs . I also bought a bunch of fancy hats from goodwill that the girls decorated with fake flowers and ribbons.

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