You are beautiful.


You lovely and generous people made this sentiment come true.

Something wonderful is happening.

Italy, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain. North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, California, Maryland, Oregon, Utah, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Jersey, Maine, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, New York, Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Vermont, Michigan, Washington, Rhode Island… they just keep coming in.

So far (in just two days) we've raised nearly $1000 for Mary and her family. I know that if she could Mary would humbly thank each and every one of you.

Orders for the Winter Apothecary have come in from – quite literally – around the world. And are still coming in. Thank you.

If you haven't done so yet, there is still time to help. And if you want to invite your friends to join in, I'd be so pleased.

Your heart is gold. You've given us so much to be thankful for.



5 thoughts on “You are beautiful.

  1. Sarah G. says:

    I found the post yesterday, and of course ordered a copy of the PDF. I gain so much from you and your perspective, from the stories of your family and friends, and from the grace and honesty of your communication. I live a messy life, as a professional librarian in a tiny house with my guy, two cats, and a Yorkie. I always struggle to keep my tendancy to accumulate scads of art supplies and try to keep the house clean and organized. I hardly ever cook from scratch the way I want, and my garden feeds me for maybe a meal or two a year, though I keep trying anyway. I am so thoroughly imperfect.

    Reading your posts is inspiring, because you live in many ways how I wish I did, yes. But it is your delightful grace as you learn and experiment and acknowledge the messes that inspires me. Thank you for sharing who you are!

  2. cait says:

    Do you have a date in mind for sending the winter apothecary pdf? I’m hoping soon, because I need to order from our wholesale coop this week.

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