Hello out there.






Let's just pretend these are current photos, shall we? Because really, a tinsel tree, an unmade bed, and citrus are timeless. Right? No matter that I just borrowed them from myself from December's past.

We still have no internet and no phone at the farm. It makes me so… present when I'm there. No distractions, no "need" to find that new recipe, no staying up late tinkering about on-line. I love it. Except that I'm terribly ineffective at keeping up on emails and blogging. And when I do blog I no longer have access to my photos, which are on the hard drive at the farm. I'll figure it out. Thanks for being patient while I do.

This week we've been…

~ Unpacking, organizing and purging. What goes where? What goes away for good? It's a long process but we're digging in. Thanks for your warm response to my last post. I'm so glad you're inspired.

~ Obsessing over bees and sheep and gardens and fences. All things that will be popping up around here in the spring.

~ Appreciating friends and family so very much. Help with meals, help with our kids, and help moving are the finest gifts we've received in a long time.

~ Crafting. Lupine is obsessed with painting noodles with thick layers of watercolor paint, then stringing them into garlands. It's been her hobby for days and while we've done much of it together, she is content to string noodles while I unpack.

~ Knitting. And knitting. And knitting. (Yes, even Pete. As I tucked into bed last night I called, "Are you coming upstairs, baby?" And the reply was music to my ears: "Yep. Just as soon as I finish this row!" Gush.) As for me, since the move began I have cast on – and cast off – two pairs of fingerless gloves, two pairs of mittens, and one pair of felted slippers. And yesterday I cast on Sage's solstice gift.

Knitting is my sanity right now.

Blessings to you all. I'll be back in a day or two with some fresh photos and fresh stories. (Or I hope so!)



7 thoughts on “Hello out there.

  1. Lina says:

    Hello, hello! knitting with out internet in your own new house sounds so wonderful! Happy unplugging and happy new farm to you!

  2. Mikaela says:

    So fun to hear from you! Glad you’re enjoying your first weeks on the farm, after those initial hurdles…

    Knitting will come after finals for me. Work now, knit (and sew! and stamp! and make presents!) later, I keep telling myself.

    Take care.

  3. Karen C says:

    Glad to have an update. I had no doubt you were enjoying yourselves on your farm. Being ‘unplugged’ certainly had its advantages.
    Do you already have bees, or will you be getting some in the spring? This was my first year keeping bees, and I absolutely loved it. I plan on getting another swarm next year. If you ever want to chat about bees, feel free to contact me!

  4. Fräulein Rucksack says:

    A lot of work but a lot of things getting done. Not like the ordinary avery day making beds and dishes.

    I love hearing that sentence from my love to “Just finishing the needle…” Hope he’ll cast on soon again after he just finished his babylegs. Sweet.

    Hope you find peace in all that. Oh sure on such a farm!

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