Here and now.

Cultivating mindfulness. | Clean.

Cultivating mindfulness. | Clean.

Cultivating mindfulness. | Clean.

Cultivating mindfulness. | Clean.

Some days I am so very much in the "now" that I don't pick up my camera all day long.

And that's unusual for me.

Yesterday was one of those. It was so simple and lovely.

Like you, I sometimes struggle to be in the moment.

I'm distracted by my to-do list or this screen, I'm wanting to check email or look something up or otherwise creep away from the moment at hand.

But with each passing day I am making conscious choices and being mindful. Being here. Now.

And so yesterday was magic.

played games. Read books. Hiked in the hills. Played squirrels on the ridgetop and came home to hot cocoa (okay, carob) and freshly baked treats.

And then the
kids made sushi for dinner.

The entire day was delicious.

And then early this morning while Sage was reading, Pete was having coffee, Lupine was sleeping, and my tea was steeping I wandered around the house and ventured out into the 7F morning to greet the day. (And to take some photos for you, since I didn't get to it yesterday!)

Everything was so quiet.

No sound but the songbirds at the feeder and the pheasant on the hill. The light was pink, the air was frigid.

I found myself breathing like we're meant to – deep and slow.

Another lesson in being here, now.

Because where else would I want to be?

Cultivating mindfulness. | Clean.

I came back inside and took my tea cup in both hands and sat with my boys to drink. And Lupine woke up and called me upstairs for snuggles. More goodness. More magic. More here and now.

And so begins another day.

Another day of mindful presence in whatever we are doing.

For me that means a work day – a day spent intentionally at the computer. Because this is the time for it. Today.

And I'll strive to bring that same here-and-now presence to even this workday before my screen.

Because whaterver we're doing deserves all of us.

Here and now. Let's get to it.



7 thoughts on “Here and now.

  1. Joey says:

    Thanks for this great post. I’m continually impressed by the balance you have found to your life. This post is so peaceful and calming…and encouraging. I’ve found mindfulness a fascinating concept that I think about a lot but find nearly impossible to incorporate into my day. It is a process, isn’t it, this life?

  2. Tara Verma says:

    Perfectly said! I struggle with this as my “work hours” are whenever I can fit them in but those magic days where I’m fully present in my life and with my family fuel me and my “work”.

  3. Amber Paris says:

    I have also found this balance you write about to be key to the over-all happiness of the family. I’ve found that once I scheduled in my time to work (sew) or paint in the mornings (partially before any kiddos rise), I felt my creative/work needs were being met in an UN-interrupted way and then I am happier to devote the rest of the day to the unschooling kiddos and the house/errands that must be attended to…thanks for the post, it’s a good reminder about the value of just being in every moment.

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