Keeping the sweater promise.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

Knitting and sewing for baby. | Clean.

So many babies! I'm keeping busy knitting (and sewing) for them all. This lucky lady scored not only an In Threes Cardigan, but also a pair of reversible Quick Change Trousers. Because I couldn't resist.

As you can see, I'm not a knit-in-pink-for-girls-and-blue-for-boys kind of mama. In fact, while I love pink (and blue) I'm not a fan of the color-coding we do with our little ones. I think babies are babies. Not girlie babies or boyish babies.

But I digress.

Regardless of the color palate, I'm loving all this baby knitting. One sweater per baby. It was an ambitious plan, but so far I'm rockin' it.

My project is here if you'd like a closer look!


17 thoughts on “Keeping the sweater promise.

  1. Anel says:

    Oe, DIT IS SO MOOI!! – which in my lovely language means – Oh, this is SO beautiful!! I wish I could knit! I have no clue how to read a knitting pattern. I suppose in South Africa we would use a British pattern – being an ex-colony and everything. Didn’t even know there were different kinds of patterns!! Read it on Ravelry.. Thanks for showing this. Regards

  2. Karen C says:

    What an adorable little outfit. No need for pink in that cute little sweater. Would it be easy enough to knit up for a first attempt at a sweater? I have to start somewhere, and small would be good!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    I really think this little sweater is the perfect first. No sleeves, no seams, just knits, purls, and increases. (Oh, and a few yarn-overs for the buttonholes.) Easy as can be!

  4. Lyssa says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for not “color-coding” gender with baby clothes! I’ve knit my daughter greens, purples, rainbow, blues, black and orange, and white so far. Girls don’t have to just wear pink!

  5. Crystal says:

    How nice! I am not a color per gender Mama either. And like you, my boy has long hair as well! And if chooses pink, he’s allowed to wear that or any color as well… Or even all of them together! Your gifts are perfect 🙂

  6. Melanie says:

    Oh Rachel! That’s so DARLING! I love it so much. It looks so sweet together. Goodness, if you had time to stock up your Etsy, I’d have to buy a set just like that for my soon-to-be born 4th lil squeak. 😉 Good job mama, I’m so impressed by you!

  7. cloves corner says:

    Yes! The color-coding of babies drives me bonkers!! Eventually, yes, many little girls will prefer pink (my 3 yo does) and most boys will veer towards the blue/green spectrum, but when they’re babies…let them be babies!!!

    I have made both the sweater and the pants. Though I will say, my pants turned out way too slim for cloth-diapered babes. (Or, I don’t know, maybe my babes just have chunky bums?)

  8. Joy @ says:

    Really lovely things, and handmade gifts are the best. You’re right about the color-coding of babies. Girls are really awash in a sea of pink. My little girl (now 5) ADORES pink, though–but at least she chose it for herself and it wasn’t foisted upon her. When my son was her age, he loved purple and had constant arguments with the kids at school that purple was “a girl color.” Sigh…

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