Message for today.

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Message for today:

Cut yourself some slack. You'll never get it all done.

So instead of racing about, find the courage to say: "I've done enough. I am enough."

Life – or your house or your holiday – doesn't need to be perfect, nor will it be. So enjoy today and find magic in the small, ordinary moments of your amazing life.



9 thoughts on “Message for today.

  1. Joy says:

    On September 18, 2012 you wrote a post called Watercolor in the Woods. Your pictures show the actual watercolors. I had a set like that growing up in Germany. Would you please share the brand of watercolors and where you bought them? Thank you so much!

  2. Stephanie says:

    This was perfect for my day! Thank you. Sometimes it takes another momma to say, “It’s okay that it won’t be perfect–” just to save the day and the mindset, you know? I was feeling very defeated this morning. Now I feel: accomplished. I almost let the day go, running around with a list and feeling crabby. Now the day is redeemed 🙂

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