Home sweet home.



Did I really just spend a spontaneous week away with my kids and take almost no pictures? Why, yes. I did.

I guess these two beauties will have to suffice. (Top photo courtesy of my sister Leah.)

The children and I wandered off to Milwaukee for some family birthday celebrations and a few homeschooling field trips. I love the energy we all find for learning when we shake up our rhythm and go on the road.

In one week we watched the DNR do a fish survey and we chased a train.

We met new friends and reconnect with old.

We went to the zoo, the Domes, the Public Museum, and my sister's beautiful new house.

We saw real, honest-to-goodness pirate treasure. (Arrrrg!)

We ate the best birthday cake of my life – gluten-free/grain-free/Paleo or otherwise.

We talked for hours with my parents as we sat by the fire in my childhood home.

And now we're back.

After a week we were all full of city goodness and ready to get back to our real and quiet life.

We returned to find that most of the snow had melted away (ignoring that everything is coated in ice this morning and there is snow in the forecast), our chicks have doubled in size, a pair of bluebirds is nesting in the house that Lupine built, and the spring peepers have awakened in the wetland.

And Pete, super Pete, spent his free time fencing the pasture for our soon to arrive sheep. 


It is so good to be home.

8 thoughts on “Home sweet home.

  1. Karen says:

    Sounds like a perfect get away. I always love the coming back home to see what has changed.
    And sheep will be part of the equation soon – so wonderful to have that dream realized!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. KC says:

    That little girl of yours is growing so fast! Adore that sweet smile. I’m glad you had a wonderful time away. It’s good to get out. We are so ready to get back. We just moved far away and have spent so much time in hotels. This weekend we will finally be in an apartment which I am very happy about. It will feel like being home even for a little bit.

  3. Pamela R says:

    Oh my goodness. This is the cake that I’ve been working on. GF and Dairy free for my husband’s birthday. We used to make a traditional Scandinavian cake just like this and decided this year to bring it back…it was just going to take some figuring out. I guess I can check that off my list! His birthday is strawberry season. THANK YOU!

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