Be in your season.

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Be in your season. {Clean.}

Like so many things they last but for a moment.

Perhaps the only question is if we will be here to see them bloom.


When their blossoms open, will we drink deeply of their fragrance?

Can we feel their small, silken petals upon our cheeks?

Will we sip their nectar and then watch in amazement as the season turns and they fall like snow in the slightest breeze?


And then will we appreciate even the magic of this ending?


Or will we fail to notice them at all?

Will we hurry by, our heads down, our heads busy, our heads aching, unable to see the magic that surrounds us?


Raise your head!

Look. Smell. Taste. Touch.  



Life has many seasons.

Today yours may be one of worry. Or Joy. Grief. Or contentment.


And sometimes we all wish away the season that surrounds us.

We push and resist and tug at the storms.

We curse the ice or the hot sun or the darkness.

And then, distracted, we may cease to notice the magic of our most treasured seasons when they arrive.

So what can I tell you?

Be here. Today.


Let your season seep deeply into your soul as you search for appreciation of the clouds or the thunder, the sunshine or the warmth.

Seek out the beauty in the blossoms or the dark clouds that roll over head.


And most of all, know that this season – however it feels upon your skin – will come to a close and carry you into another.


And without a cold winter, even spring can lose its magic.


2 thoughts on “Be in your season.

  1. Kelly says:

    Beautiful words. I am always inspired when I leave your site. Sometimes to the point of tears. So many reminders to open my eyes wide, “raise my head”, let the fringe fall away, and see the beauty so close around me.

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