Spring mania.

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{Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

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{Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

{Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

Is it really Monday already?

Are you certain?


Well then.

I suppose the week must commence.

I'm really not sure how Monday showed up so suddenly, but I do know I could use just one more day of weekend to button up a bit of what we started during the past few days.

Or to, perhaps, clean our house. (It's bad. Really bad. Leave your shoes on at the door so you don't get your socks dirty kind of bad.)


There are so very many projects we've begun over here – out on the farm, and in the woodshop, the sewing room, and the kitchen that are just begging for completion.

Goodness. Spring is certainly here. And it's feeling a bit manic this year.

For the first time in ages the sun was shining bright this weekend and it felt like we had a whole spring's worth of chores to take on before the weekend was through. The kids were absolutely wild with the freedom and summery feel of it all, running about like mad from morning until night.

As for Pete and I, we were running too, but in a different sense.

From epic kitchen marathons putting food by to plowing our garden to searching for lost ducklings to taking on not one, not two, but three sewing projects, to finally (finally!) getting the winter boots and coats out of our mudroom, well our weekend was… full.

And then Monday went and arrived when we were wishing for another Sunday to finish a bit of what we started.

But no. It's really Monday.

Come to think of it, perhaps the rest of a homeschooling week/work week at LuSa will be a welcome, relaxing change. A little less running. A bit of completion. That sounds like it might be a decent way to spend a few days.

Actually, yes. I'm sure of it.

And I do suspect those other projects will paitently wait.

Until next weekend.

5 thoughts on “Spring mania.

  1. casey u says:

    Ooh you started that bag!!! Can’t wait to see that finished product! I can’t wait to get out in this gorgeous weather…

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