On healing (and summer mystery adventures).


And how does one catch up after spending six days laid out in bed?

I think I won't be bothered by that today. I'm just swimming in gratitude to wake up with little pain and much energy.

The past week has brought me to my knees. But this morning as the sun rose I opened my eyes and felt… well, almost like myself again.

Last week I found myself at the doctor's office for the first time in almost four years. My primary care physician is a homeopath (I do love Viroqua) so her prescriptions ranged from remedies to an IV, a lyme disease test and some blood work looking for what might going on.

I'm trying to take it slow today as I await the return of my energy and dream of some time in the garden, with the sheep, and checking on our newly arrived honeybees!

As for today you can find me on Simple Homeschool with an easy summer adventure to inspire anyone with kids – homeschooled or otherwise. Head on over and enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “On healing (and summer mystery adventures).

  1. Beth says:

    Hope that you’re feeling better soon and can get into those honeybees
    ASAP. One of the very best days of my life (before children) was spent going through our beehives for the first time.

    Lyme. Last week, my dh felt like he had the flu, and he had a rash in the area where I had pulled off an engorged deer tick nymph. Then, the rash looked more bull’s eye like, his fever rose, and he couldn’t do more than
    rest. He also had flashes of pain through the joints in his left hand, a
    headache, and a cough – though not a cold/flu type cough.

    The rash was the dead give away that it was Lyme. His blood test, however,
    was negative. Perhaps, having the spirochetes in his body for a little
    less than 2 weeks didn’t give his body enough time to make enough antibodies to be detectable with this kind of blood test?

    The doctor on call put him on three weeks of antibiotics before he had
    the blood test results. Most of his major symptoms dissipated after he
    was on the antibiotics for 72 hours. Yesterday, I found another engorged deer tick nymph on him…..it’s a good year for deer ticks around here.

  2. Mikaela says:

    Yikes! Lyme is not fun, but it’s so much better to have symptoms bad enough that you catch it the first time around. There’s always a bright side, right? Hope you start feeling better soon; summer’s HERE!

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