Boom! Instant vacation.










Well, hello there.

Pardon the very-long-weekend sort of silence.

Thursday morning (after sharing the cherry jam with you) inspiration struck.

More of a realization, I suppose.

That it was time to hit the road.

Healing from Lyme means I'm spending much (much) more time sitting and knitting and resting and healing than any July ever before.

And were better to relax that at the cabin?

That's right.


I also realize that our very-mellow-stay-home-and-do-little summer was somehow filling up. With visits and trips and weddings and such.

It was now or late August.

And now was sounding better all the time.

So I asked Pete over tea/coffee on Thursday morning if he'd be up for ditching out for a few days. As in: today. Amazingly he was. (I am known for my spontaneity a bit more so than my man, I'm afraid.)

Okay. Sure. Let's leave this afternoon.

(Really? Really.)

And so we did.

We juggled working and packing and violin lessons and arranging care for the sheep and chickens and then – boom! – we were out the door.

Okay. There was no boom. It took us f-o-r-e-v-e-r as usual, but we got on the road before sunset and for that I was grateful.

After packing coolers and stopping at the coop for a few supplies (like way too much crap to stuff into our version of these, Lord have mercy) it was midnight before our tires hit the gravel and we rolled the Beetle up alongside the cabin.

But we made it.

We made it! Instant shooting-from-the-hip mini-vacation.

Totally my speed. No stressing or planning just voila! Vacation.

We proceeded to spend the next four days swimming, knitting, napping, playing the banjo, and hanging out around the campfire.

And I'm so glad we did.

But then, there was one more thing. One more surprise bonus at the end of it all.

When we got home and started unpacking the car I had this amazing moment. Another realization. This time of being so completely happy to be home. Perhaps even happier than arriving at the cabin.


H O M E.

Comfortable. Safe. Quiet. Magical. Contented.


Yes. That.

And if for no other reason those nine long hours on the road were completely worth it.


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