Simplify your home. A step-by-step plan.

Thanks for the swell comments on yesterday's post.

It's good to know that I'm not alone and that others are struggling in the journey towards simplicity.

What you see below is a (much needed) repost from early 2012. A simple path to a simple home.

I think it's time to revisit this plan and take in on anew. Are you in? 

Simplify your home. A step-by-step plan. [Clean.]

Simplify your home. A step-by-step plan. [Clean.]

Simplify your home. A step-by-step plan. [Clean.]

Ooh! More ugly pictures. (You love these, don't you.) Yes. This space looked so lovely when we first set it up, but it's been a while and it's looking pretty tattered.

I have formulated a plan for how we can work together to transform our homes to more simple and beautiful spaces.
As we roll into the weekend I thought many of you would be anxious to
start. While some of you are probably already digging in, I thought
others could use a formula to get started. There is no right or wrong
way to go about it as long as you're making progress. Below is my plan:

A Simple and Beautiful Home

1. Take a notebook. At the top of each page
jot down the name of each room or space in your home. (Don't forget the
basement, garage, and any additional off-site storage spaces that you
want to tackle.)

2. Walk through your home and list the
projects that need to be accomplished in each room. Write it all down.
Then you have the satisfaction of crossing off each task as it is
completed and you'll see the progress in your notebook and your
space. (For super geeky simplifying, shoot some before pictures. I'll
figure out a way for us to share before and afters in the coming weeks.)

For example, the room above, our homeschooling room (really a pass-through hallway) needs the following:

Homeschool Room

  • Clean clutter off globe shelves and top of hutch. Wipe off globes.
  • Clean, purge and organize craft supplies. Wipe down hutch inside and out.
  • Purge and organize books.
  • Clean off nature table and start fresh.
  • Touch up paint.

Repeat this process for each space.

3. Now decide how much time you will commit each day (or week) to
simplification. I suggest a bare minimum of 10 minutes per session so
that you can actually see some progress and a maximum of a few hours.
Try not to schedule such large and frequent chunks of time that you burn
out, but schedule enough that you'll see progress and be inspired to
continue. For many of you (myself included) setting a particular time
each day to work will be helpful too. After dinner, before bed, etc.

4. Before you start your first space, gather a few supplies:

  • Bye-bye box (items to donate)
  • Recycling box (for all that paper that seems to breed and multiply on every flat surface)
  • Trash bag
  • Damp rag for wiping surfaces down
  • Your notebook: keep it close at hand to cross off tasks and to jot
    down any additional supplies you may need. (Say, a bin, coat hook or
    file folder for example. You may find you can repurpose something you
    already have that you find in a room further down the list.).

5. Choose the room that will pack the most satisfaction without being
overwhelming and start there. Come back to that room each session until
it is done if you are unable to complete it in one go.

That's it! Now you are rolling. Your new simple, de-cluttered, beautiful home awaits. Go and get it.

8 thoughts on “Simplify your home. A step-by-step plan.

  1. Holly says:

    somehow i feel more motivated when i know someone..somewhere.. is doing this stuff too. now i just need to get off the computer. thank you!

  2. Efi Maryeli says:

    I need to start this thing… yesterday!!! I’m on… I want to tackle somethings before school begins (that’s September 11th here in Greece). Hope I’ll make some progress!!!

  3. caroline says:

    I like this. We live in a small apartment and things can feel cramped all too easily. Our bedroom is the most neglected room, and I would love to make it and KEEP it a simple, clutter-free area.

  4. Cathypublic1 says:

    I’m in, I was just thinking that I needed to redo all my simplifying that I had done a couple years back. Thanks for getting me on the wagon. I started by bringing all the things i had lumped in one corner to give away to Savers to the store today!

  5. Fräulein Rucksack says:

    It helps the soul when there is nothing stored (or hidden) under the bed…

    Your plan is great, for myself I need to add e-mailbox, flash drives and hard drives… there’s a lot to clean out and simplify, too!

  6. Margie says:

    I would love to have had the confidence to homeschool my children 25 years ago. Now with 2 income families the norm, homeschooling is just a dream for most. Good for you, and so wonderful for your children! Loved all the great de-clutter tips!

  7. says:

    When I typed the word “clean” into Google today I found your website. How cool. Thanks GOD! This part is like an immediate answer to prayer. I really need to simplify again. It has been too long. We are living in two mobile homes with nine of our twelve children. The notebook start is just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your life. That is another reason I want to simplify too. So I can share our life better. We homeschool and do much more homopathic ways than we use to. Wanting to do more to live simplier and healthier. Thanks again. Blessings from above! From Momma Maggie Sanders

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