Be my beacon.


Many of the bloggers I love write books.

And it's "poof! look! a book!"

No lead up, no conversation, no "holy crap this is hard to pull together."

Just boom. book.

But you know me better than that, don't you?

It's damn hard.

Hard to make the time. Hard to choose my path. Hard to pull it all together and still put dinner on the table before midnight.

The book is part of my reason for posting less. Write more there, post less here.

And yesterday afternoon I set aside an hour to dig through the partially written manuscripts to see where I'm at. And – are you ready? – there are four. Four partially written books.

Plus a list of other book ideas.

Oh, my.

This is not going well.

The truth is I have so much to share that it sometimes comes rushing out all in one breath. I set off down one path and then spy something inspiring over there and set off in that direction.

So much to share!

And I've also changed a great deal since I began this journey.

My writing has changed, my view of the world has changed, I have changed.

I no longer feel good about handing you a book brimming with projects that in all likelihood you don't have time to make anyway.

I want to lift you up, not illuminate where you're already spread too thin.

While visiting a friend recently she pulled a bag of pre-shredded organic cheese out of her refrigerator.

With a shrug she acknowledged, "I only have so many hours each day. If I'd rather buy grated cheese than not have time to read books to my kids."

And, well, whoa. Yes. Of course.

I would too.

So for me to put a book together with instructions for handmade playthings and children's bedroom decorations misses the point if you hardly have time to get the laundry done.

And in truth, I don't know if you're flush with time and sewing all of your kids clothes, or racing home from work with pre-grated cheese.

So I'm taking a breath. Making another cup of tea. And forging a new path.

I'm so passionate about what I share with you here that I'm eager to put it down on actual paper and expand this idea into something for even more of you to enjoy.

I just want to make sure I'm setting off in the right direction. One that empowers and inspires you and doesn't leave you feeling like your life just doesn't measure up.

Will you be a beacon for me on this journey?

I've put together a tiny survey – just six questions – as a bit of market research as I embark once more in earnest.

Would you share your thoughts? It should take you about three minutes to complete, and your thoughts there would mean so much.

I owe you a huge thanks for encouraging me along this path.

You can find my questions right here.

Your answers are anonomyous.

And yeah, there's something in it for you. (You'll find that at the end.)

Thank you kindly.




5 thoughts on “Be my beacon.

  1. heather says:

    you are going to write the perfect book *for you* rachel, that is the one we all want to read. and if other books follow, that is great too.

    many bloggers get their book deals in an almost backward fashion – publishers are contacting THEM and that gets the ball rolling. talk about motivation! they will also help the blogger narrow it down to topics they think would suit the market and things progress from there (and of course sometimes the blogger has clear ideas of their own). there is often a literary agent involved and editors from the beginning as well… such a different process. those editor imposed chapter deadlines can be highly motivating for tapping out the necessary word count each day! 😉

    so don’t be too hard on yourself – allow your process to feel unique, authentic, and amazing. xoxo

  2. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    Thank you for making us part of it.
    However I do enjoy crafty projects when you (or others) share them and I don’t feel “not enough”, because I don’t need to reproduce what anyone made, I just get some kind of inspiration and then I kick a need we have. Like last month when a cold front came to Mexico and we had very low temperatures for September. I had the idea you have made a bunny Baclava for Lupine, and then the idea of a knight baclava appear and so I design it and it’s there. And so my kid was warm on the walk to school. But also, yes, whatever you feel right I’ll be interested. So I’ll go answer that survey.

  3. Tina says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I just answered your survey (and left a rather long-winded comment at the end!) 😉 I forgot I wanted say “Thanks” for the special “extra” you offered!

  4. Cassandra says:

    I run a virtual assistant business and have helped with several books or just generally kept in the loop of the progress of books. They don’t hype up the book until it’s done or nearly done because they don’t want the pressure of finishing it. These books usually take a year or longer if they work slow and steady from an outline, or 6 month minimum if they work intensively. MOST of the content is ripped straight from published content on their blogs in one way or another, recycled into something new. Some bloggers even take old books they’ve already done, repackaged everything, and sold it all over again to the same audience, acting like it’s this grand new project. While labor intensive, they’re ultimately meant to be cash cows. That’s why it seems like every other blogger has a book now and there are so many ebook bundles, particularly for so cheap.

    I don’t think that’s what you’re doing here at all, so you really don’t need to worry about how other bloggers do it. You’ve pulled so much content together so artfully before, just give yourself the space to do what you do best and don’t worry about pleasing everyone. You don’t need to market yourself like a lot of bloggers do and put things *just so* in order to be accepted. Your audience has grown organically from your content and your personality, and will welcome what you share with open arms.

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