Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! From our goofy little perfectly normal family to yours.


P.S. I love living in a town where homemade gluten free cookies are part of the Halloween deal.

P.P.S. Yes, there was also a lot of skanky candy. Here's where it's going, in case you need inspiration!

Some of the less questionable stuff is sticking around, and another bag of treats that I just can't let my kids eat is being taken to the coop for a trade out. Since I give them a little extra trade in value they're jazzed by my hippie up-sell.

Sweetest dreams!

11 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. KC says:

    You all are totally adorable. We did steampunk last year as a family. It was awesome. I even made the baby a pair of wool felt pilot goggles on a pilot cap. Have fun today!

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