A pause from busy

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

We ended up doing some baking after all.

Not a ton. But just enough.

Solstice spirals and gingerbread for the houses we'll decorate on Solstice night.

It was easy and fun, which sometimes it isn't when I have an agenda.

I was happy to be free of the agenda.

Because truly, I didn't care if we baked one batch or a dozen.

We mixed and rolled and cut and baked and cleaned-up all morning.


Then, after buttoning up the last of some holiday crafts it was time to get out.

All four of us.

To the woods.


Because being productive makes you crazy after a while.


Or at least me.

Suddenly all I needed was fresh crisp air, sunshine, and the quiet of the woods.

And now.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

a pause | Clean.

And so we embarked.

Throwing snowballs (packing snow in the sunny spots!), laughing, and racing through the field.

It was the "warm" outside that only makes sense to someone who lives far enough from the equator to have a winter season that sneaks deep into fall and spring.

A mittens-off sort of warm.

There were fresh tracks everywhere in the woods and abandoned nests from last summer's babies, piled high with snow.

By the time we reached the creek the sun was dipping behind the hills.

It was deeply quiet but for the sound of the snow beneath our boots.

We hiked to the top of the ridge and noticed things we had missed in noise of summer.


By the time we were back home an hour or two later I felt transformed.

Because more than I even knew I needed a break from the busy.

From the productive.

From the mad dance of doing that is December.

And when I woke this morning (after falling asleep an hour earlier than usual) I realized that taking care of myself is as important as taking care of my kids or my partner; gifts, food or the magic of childhood.

I realized that I can take a break without getting sick and being forced into resting by aches or fever.

So that's my plan.

From here, I'm making time for rest, for play, for long walks in the woods.

For knitting for the sake of knitting. Something for myself.

I'm making time for me.

Because two batches of cookies and a hike in the snow is a way better plan that a dozen types of sweets on Christmas eve.


I thought so.


Will you join me?

Because I'd just love to know that you're out there, somewhere, taking care of you, too.

Valuing you.

Pausing in the busyness, if only for a moment.


I'd love to know that we're re-writing the story of what it means to mother, as we love our family – and yes, ourselves – all in the same breath.






18 thoughts on “A pause from busy

  1. kristin says:

    Yes. Much agreed. Simple and slow and connecting and playing are such wonderful ways to take care of ones soul. Who needs too many cookies? when just enough is, well…perfect.

    Your words are lovely and your photos so beautiful. I’m not sure how I arrived here, but am happy I did. Blessings on your season. Kristin

    (Do you live near star valley by any chance? it all looks so familiar. x)

  2. Molly says:


    Thank you for pausing, taking time out of your day, to put these words down, here. “[T]he doing that is December,” indeed. I love it. And anticipate it. And need a break from it. And so thrill over the way you capture that.

    Happy solstice to you,


  3. Xan says:

    You betcha… I’ll join you 🙂 Your snow looks oh so GOOD!!!! We have a storm just coming through now after our 1st mini heat wave of the summer… 3 days of over 40C (104F)!!! There’ll be so much more to come but for now I’m yanking the shade cloth off the lettuces and loving that cool breeze streaming through the house. And, guess what???… tomorrow morn is ALL FOR ME 😀 Hubby is having a play date with the kids and this mumma is going to a yoga class followed by whatever I feel like… YEEEHAAA! And 4 days before Christmas… my goodness I am rockin’ it with that pause button. Cheers to you sister 🙂 Let’s ‘re-write the story of what it means to mother’ together! Can you tell I’m just a bit excited?!? xx

  4. Jai says:

    Yes, agreed. Pause please. This is the theme of my life lately. After having a meltdown midweek, I felt much better. I let go of family obligations and now feel much more relaxed. It is only when I hold the vision of agendas complete that I get stressed. Play = no agenda = mama has fun too.

  5. Jill says:

    Love, love, love. Love reading your blog. Especially when I feel the words are meant especially for me. It’s the time I take to take care of myself!

  6. KC says:

    I hope your solstice was wonderful. Ours felt a bit disjointed but it all came together in the end. Now on the day after, I feel like the new year is already beginning. 🙂

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