(Crazy good) thick eggnog recipe

Howdy, friends. Looking out my windows this morning I see a whole lot of (dreamy) fog, (sort of) cold, and (chilling) drizzle.

It's feeling very Wisconsin out there. Very damp and just about winter.

The kids and I are busy elving today and digging through boxes of holiday decorations. It'll look like December around here before the day is through.

And to celebrate? A little eggnog is in order.

My recipe from 2011 is below.



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Every year I'm lured into buying a quart here, a quart there of store-bought eggnog.

I can't resist.

But store-bought (even the organic, corn syrup-free sort I have available to me locally) is far to sweet for my palate, and well, it's not homemade.

This year I finally made my own.

What exactly was I waiting for? It's quick, easy, and so good you might just feed it to your kids for breakfast. (Like I just did.)

(Crazy good) thick homemade eggnog | Clean.

(Crazy good) thick homemade eggnog | Clean.

If you prefer a thinner eggnog you can make the recipe below without cooking (if you are comfortable with raw eggs) or omit the extra yolks.

Thick Homemade Eggnog Recipe

4 C whole milk (mine is raw, but as you will cook it use what you have)

1 1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg

2 eggs and 3 yolks (best eggs = best eggnog)

Maple syrup or honey, to taste. (Start with as little at 3 Tb. per batch. Purchased nog comes in in the 6+ Tb range. We love ours far less sweet with just 3-4 Tb, but if you are adding alcohol – or have a sweet tooth – a bit more sweetness may be preferable.)

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

How To Make Eggnog

Gently heat milk and nutmeg to very hot but not boiling.

In a separate, heat-proof bowl, whisk eggs and yolks together. Set aside.

When milk is steaming hot temper eggs by adding hot milk 1 Tb at a time and quickly whisk in. Repeat this process until you've whisked 1/4 cup of milk or so into your eggs. (This process keeps your eggs from turning scrambled when you add them to the hot milk.)

Add eggs to hot milk and whisk. Heat over medium heat until the nog begins to bubble and thicken, whisking all the while. Remove from heat, cool a bit, then add maple or honey and vanilla.

Allow to cool to a good drinkable temperature, then puree with your stick blender or regular blender or pour through a strainer if you prefer a perfectly smooth and thick eggnog. Or just drink it up if you aren't particular about these things.

It'll be gone in ten minutes. I promise.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday. I'll be back here next week!


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  1. Holly Dean says:

    Wow, this sounds yummy. I never thought of making it myself – my son could drink this stuff by the gallon but I’ve always found it to be too sweet. This is perfect..Thanks for sharing!

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