normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

normalcy | Clean.

Last night there were no tears at at bedtime.

Last night we remembered without so much grief.

Last night we played and laughed and got back to normal.

Each day it's a little bit easier.

No matter who or what you've lost.


Time heals.


After heartbreak it's natural to reach for normalcy.

Carrying fresh eggs in from the coop to cook up for breakfast.

Hot coffee and hot tea.

Wool socks.


Homeschool math each morning around the kitchen table.


Checking in on our friends in the barn.

And snuggling those that remain in the house.


We're jotting down meal plans, preparing warm and nourishing food, and then as the sun slips behind the hills, tucking in early with time for extra snuggles.


And the friends we sent home early after Dusky died on Friday?

They came back for a do-over last night.


Oh, yes.

We've found our rhythm again.

We've even found our sense of humor again.

And our sense of play.


We've giving out extra hugs at every turn and taking time for quiet, for connection, for friendship and for remembering.

Wishing you all well this cold January morn.






11 thoughts on “Normalcy

  1. Percy says:

    My son would like to know what your daughter is using to do her math. Is it a peg person version of shut the box?

    Thank you!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    It is! Its a shut the box we picked up years ago at the thrift store. We use this, Math You See, Math Dice Jr., and some math workbooks that Lupine has bought in the past with her own money. 🙂 This kid loves math. 

  3. amy delaterre says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Dusty. I hadn’t read your last blog post til today. I have lost some beloved animal friends, and can sympathize with your grief and heartbreak. Your words deeply resonate with me and touch my heart, as always, and I am finding myself in tears reading about your beloved cat’s passing. I am so glad you were there to support Dusty in his last moments, and that you are giving yourselves time to feel your grief, and taking comfort in each other, your other animals, your rhythm and routine. That is all there is to do. Love and light to you all.

  4. Katie @ Life With The Crew says:

    If your pet truly played a part in your life, it does take a while to get back to “normal”. And then down the road, something will make you think of them again and you might shed a tear or two again. My male Corgi, Tank, LOVED food and would bite your hand off if you gave him a treat. He was excellent at catching food that we would toss at him, so that’s how we gave him treats. I keep a picture of him near the treat jar and it makes me smile when I’m having a chaotic day.

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