February rain














A proper midwestern winter's worth of snow is rapidly melting outside my door.

January and February's weeks below zero were put in their place yesterday by 40 F and sunshine, followed today by wind, ice, and rain.

Just to keep us on our toes.

I'd love to say something about how I'll take a real Wisconsin winter like this year any day – but why bother?

That I've loved every moment of deep snow and cold and would rather not have rain – but why get stuck?

"The only thing constant is change," as my mama always told me.


So today we tried to embrace what is.

We hunkered down in the house, playing and crafting, and watched as the snow retreated a little further with every hour.

When we ventured out in the rain we laughed as we slid on the ice to the barn.

Yes, it was cold, wet, and messy. But it's what we've got. So we embraced it.


Sage doesn't want to see the snow go. He'd keep it winter forever if he could.

So he draws the curtains shut and tries to think about something else.

Me, I'm thinking about the garden.

Ordering seeds; growing starts; tapping maples; planting berries.


Because spring – of course – will come again.

It always does.

Sometimes early, sometimes late, but it comes.


Everything in order.

Everything in time.

There's comfort in the certainty of it all.


Because ready or not, the snow will melt, the sap will rise, and the pastures will grow green once more.

And so we surrender.

We embrace what is.


In seasons and in parenting and in life.


Everything is in order.

Everything in time.

Ready or not.


So I'll be here now – wherever we are.

In this seasons on Earth, with my kids, and in my skin.

I'll embrace the smallness that still surrounds me, while I celebrate every step towards bigness that comes with growing up.

And I'm honored to witness their journey all while I experience my own.

Because my season as well is shifting.

This week I noticed. Grey hair. Age. Growing older.

But not with judgement. Just with observation.

With kindness. Acceptance. And wonder.


Everything in order.

Everything in time.

Ready or not.


When the snow falls we'll put on our skis and explore the sparkling world beyond our fence line.

When the rain pours down we'll grab umbrellas and laugh as the wind turns them inside out.

And when the sun shines we will plant our seeds and tend our garden and bring home the harvest once again.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~


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11 thoughts on “February rain

  1. Lyssa says:

    I love this: “This week I noticed changes in myself. Grey hair. Age. Growing older. But not with judgement. Just with observation.”

    Thank you for being an inspiration to all us mamas who love the journeys our children make but may not be as comfortable with our own journey! Have a happy weekend : )

  2. Katie @ Life With The Crew says:

    We are thawing out here also, with rain today – yuck! Give me more of the pretty white stuff please! And I have two or three gray hairs also – no big deal. It means I’m a real woman, not a twenty-something who doesn’t know what she’s doing in life.

  3. Knitting Mole says:

    Hehe, Teagan was just playing with mama’s grey hairs this morning. And but of course I’m nominating you! 🙂 Now just remind me next week when its time to vote, k?

  4. Tina says:

    Just over the 40 year mark, I am experiencing my first grays here and there. I call them my sparkles. With time, I will become even more sparkly and amazing–that’s what I’m telling myself!

  5. KC says:

    I wonder how I will feel when I find real grey hair. I’ve had a streak of grey hair in the middle of my head since i was 5 years old. I think it was from birth trauma. I was hitting my mother’s pelvic bone too much. Anyway, but seeing grey come in other places on my head now that will be exciting. I just hope it comes in grey like my aunt who is a silvery-white. So beautiful!

  6. Heidi-Paul Krueger-Cummings says:

    Such true words you speak!!! As I was looking at the pictures and reading your blog all I could think of is how sage and emery (my almost 7yr old) should meet!!! My son LOVES winter more than anything and well there are, and have been, many times when you share about Sage I think to myself, man is she talking about my son…lol anyway one day in it’s perfect timing our paths will cross <3

  7. Audrey says:

    I’m just reading this so couldn’t vote. But you absolutely get mine. Love your blog, Rachel! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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