Seeing abundance

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

Abundance | Clean.

I'm glad that I didn't hoard this pretty paper all for myself, like I was contemplating after I brought it home.

I'm glad that instead I spent the better part of the weekend making a mess of our kitchen table with my kids and we laughed and talked and created. Together.

It would have been too easy to hide this treasure away, the crafty version of the secret tub of ice cream in the back of the freezer. (Confess, mamas. You know the ice cream I'm talking about.)

Mine, mine, mine.

A perfect, pristine, fancy pack of paper.

Just for me.


If I had it would still be that. A perfect, pristine, fancy pack of paper.

Unused. Waiting.

Waiting for what, I'm not sure.


So I shared.

Like I expect them to do so often.


I shared that pretty paper without any need to control the outcome or to remind them to cut from the corners or to take just enough.





And because of that choice I was able to share in the joy of their process and find my own opportunity to create.

With the best crafting partners I could imagine.





It was a crafty free-for all.

A full weekend of goodness, imaginations on fire.

For the cost of one pack of paper.

I kept my new fabric for myself, yes. But the paper I shared with an open heart.


Decoupaged cigar boxes, birthday cards, bookmarks, collages.

Only once did I catch myself staring big-eyed as a print I had my sights set on was lovingly cut with gusto by small scissors held in small hands.

And then I exhaled.

And smiled.

Because there was enough.

Always enough.


An abundance.

Of pretty paper, of special things kept just for me, of time together, and of the simple, quiet, messy joy of making.


Oh, yes. I'm so glad I didn't keep it all to myself.





13 thoughts on “Seeing abundance

  1. Knitting Mole says:

    What a gorgeous mess! 🙂 (I’ve been sharing my fancy threads and fabrics with my little lately too and have yet to regret it)

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend. I’m pleased as punch to say we did too! After ditching out of work Friday, (Teagie didn’t want me to go, it didn’t take much convincing as the weather was so wonderful!) we did a belated Fall cleanup in the garden and splashed in many mud puddles! (this was a big step for hubby, as he is a MAJOR neat-freak) It was great to be out in the sunshine with the people I love!

  2. KC says:

    I’m really digging the birthday cards! Wonderful. We’ll done on sharing! The other day we were eating a whole fruit popsicle treat at our local coop and my two year old asked me to share the bite of her popsicle that had the biggest piece of strawberry in it. I was blown away by her generosity and kind decline but did take a bite from another spot. It has taken me life time to learn to share. Only children have it the worst really.

  3. Katie says:

    Oh, I am totally guilty of hoarding the good stuff, especially chocolate. I won’t tell you where I have my secret chocolate stash…I don’t want my husband to find out. I do love those cigar boxes though. I am obsessive about hanging on to shoe boxes. They just seem so perfectly useful, even if they do end up sitting in the garage a little bit too long. But I’m thinking maybe I should pull them out and try my hand at sharing.

  4. Jsfrank says:

    Thank you! Some how every time I read your blog, it’s ALWAYS something I want to thank you for! Thank you, Rachel, for inspiring and reminding.

  5. Nuts about food says:

    I really can relate to this post, to that secret tub of ice cream, to that moment when you see that pattern being cut, the one you wanted… and being able to let go and not control. It is good to know we are not alone

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