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tutus and mud | www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

tutus and mud | www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

tutus and mud | www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

tutus and mud | www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

A few random random things this blustery spring morn…


1. Welcome oodles of friendly new faces!

Thank you for coming, for reading, for commenting, for sharing. I'm so glad you are here.

Humbled even.


2. I'm working on step 4 in the eczema series.

I know. It's only been a year. (Sorry. I'm distractable.) We're back in the thick of eczema care over here and I thought maybe it was a sign to get off my duff and finish the series.

I think it's some kind of karmic punishment for abandoning you half-way through.

Forgive me.


3. There has been progress.

Yes. It's true. I'm making progress! On the book that is.

Thanks for all the cheering me on.

If you're new here, the short story is: I'm writing a book. I'm slow. I need encouragement. I don't post a ton on the blog these days because I'm trying to channel my creative energy there instead of here. Usually I fail and put the good stuff here anyway.

Recently I got distracted again and mentioned to my family that maybe I'll just write an ice cream book. Because I could crank it out in a week. (No pun intended.)

Sage, in a very patient and grown-up sound voice said, "Mama, you're already writing a book. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Don't get distracted by something else because it's easier." 

Um. Whoa. Right.

I guess didn't name his Sage for nothing.

I decided to get old school and write my book by hand. There is a three-ring binder involved. And a pencil. And highlighters. It's pretty fun.

And if I get distracted I only have a three-ring binder to thumb through instead of Pinterest, Facebook, and email. Productivity win!


And finally, #4. Tutus and mud.

For no other reason that it's unbearably cute. We might all die of cuteness right this very moment.


That is all.



14 thoughts on “hello

  1. Knitting Mole says:

    Rachel, I’m pleased as punch to report that this morning when my little one woke up with a wee stuffy nose, I remembered I had Lusa chest rub at the ready. I worked great! Rubbed a bit on her chest and back and 15 minutes later she was good to go! (I left Daddy with instructions to put on more after her bath if she got any sniffles). Thanks so much for another great product!!
    (Teagie still requests we apply a little booty balm whenever she has an itchy spot 🙂 That girl knows her stuff!)

  2. susan says:

    Would you like book-writing encouragement? I can provide encouragement 🙂 YOU WILL BE A FANTASTIC AUTHOR! I’ve never written a book, but many, many people have, and if they can do it, you certainly can. You have some pretty wonderful writing skills. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Lissa says:

    Loving the tutu and mud pics. Adorable. Do you think the eczema is related to reintroducing foods that you have avoided due to allergies? I have read that eczema is a sign of gut flora upset. Or can you heal eczema without eliminating the allergen? I’ll look forward to your post.

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Lissa,

    Oh, yes. Definitely food related. We reintroduced Lus most likely trigger food but she wasnt ready for it. So were cutting it again, pumping the probiotics and soothing her gut every way we can. Its already healing. (Thank goodness.)

  5. Malkah Geller says:

    Precious! The tutus and mud, the sweet lamb, Sage’s sage advice! What a wealth of wisdom on your blog Rachel. And your love poem took my breath away – thank you!

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