today | Clean.

today | Clean.



You know, no matter what yesterday brought today is a blank page.

A fresh start.

Let's embrace it as a chance to begin again.



You and I. Let's release what is holding us down.

Let's drop the fear, the worry, the anger and frustration.


Let's meditate and pray.

Apologize and give thanks.

Let's count our blessings and be with what is.

Instead of what we worried might have been.

Because it wasn't. It isn't.

And however rough it looks today, it's rarely half as bad as we imagined.


Even the hard days bring blessings unbounded.



Repeat after me:

All is well.

And nothing is perfect.

And my life is blessed exactly as it is.


Even if your weekend was hard. (Like mine.)

Even if you lost your temper. (I did.)

Even though your life is messy; imperfect; flawed. (Mine, too.)


Because sometimes a new day is just a chance to call a do-over and put yesterday behind us.

Do you need it? (I know I do.)


With lessons learned, we start again.









8 thoughts on “Do-over

  1. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for this. It is so, so true and right and powerful. I have told my children that I think one of the essential keys to happiness is the ability to start over, and at least once a week we’ll have a situation where one of them will ask, often tearfully, to “start the day over.” I always say yes. xoxo

  2. Katie says:

    This is so true. Just last week, we decided to start over all together as a family. My five-year-old can be a bit challenging and I was finding us running through the same battles with almost the exact same lines over and over and over again. So we are starting over. For my son, this means forgiving himself and recommitting to treating people well. For my husband and I, it means also forgiveness and a pause before we react, an effort to take each moment as unique and to treat it as such without all of the built up assumptions and frustrations of the past.

  3. Knitting Mole says:

    Yep, hard weekend around our parts too. Its funny how one woman’s PMS (mine) effects the whole family 🙁 At least this time we were united, not divided, so all is well and will get easier day by day (until next month!)

  4. tamika says:

    This was read today, and yesterday was hectic! I def lost my cool…and found myself apologizing while driving to our “surprise activity” that I wanted to cancel because it never fails: I plan a fun day, my kids bicker and fight before we leave the house, and in the truck…and the toddler runs around like a crazy screaming and tearing stuff up once we arrive. My gps had been broken, my toddler rearranged his face while we were out, and I messed up my leg trying to save him. My kids ate food that makes me want to cry…but we all made it home safe and sound. (We also used the food as a learning opportunity, to talk about how we would never eat that way on a regular is hard to eat something when you can talk about WHY it has no place in your home….but my need to feed my kids SOMETHING was outweighed by my desire for it to be organic).
    At the end of the day, my kids were excited to tell their father about their day, and the bickering bad start to the day had been forgotten. My surprise (even with a few hiccups) made them very happy. I know when they wake up today, it is a new day, and only the good parts from yesterday will be what they speak of.

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