Everyday gratitude

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

(Because four broody hens in one box is always better than one.)

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

It's been ages since I've shared a "cultivating gratitude" post and I realize that I miss it – and need it – so much right now.

So here it is. A little thankfulness on this peaceful Sunday morning.

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I believe that cultivating gratitude can transform not only how we view our (beautiful yet deeply imperfect) lives, but transforms our lives themselves.

Each week I will share with you seven things that I am thankful for.

I'd love to have you join me in your own post or simply here in the comments.

Because taking just a moment to appreciate what we have can change everything.

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

everyday gratitide | Clean. www.lusaorganics.typepad.com

Today I'm thankful for…

1. My mom and the chance to spend most of last week with her. I treasure the laughter and conversations that we share.

2. A visit this weekend with a dear friend, her husband, and their beautiful, sharp (and hilarious!) farm-loving kids.

3. The magic of herbal remedies and their tendency to show up for when we need them most (if only we learn to listen).

4. Antibiotics (and taking my last dose of this morning of a 30-day round).

5. The new friends who helped our sick goat return to good health with their generous, thoughtful advice.

6. An epic garlic harvest and the guy who made it all come together (thanks, babe).

And 7. the promise, potential, and peace of a quiet day at home. It's exactly what we all need.

Link up to a post of your own in the comments, or simply leave your list there. I look forward to seeing what ordinary, extraordinary blessings you're counting today.


13 thoughts on “Everyday gratitude

  1. casey u says:

    Today I’m thankful for…
    Having the strength to stay up most of the night holding my crying, miserable baby while he suffered through teething (molars) pain instead of putting him in his crib to cry alone.

    Living in a community that is family-friendly and walkable, so that I can take the kids for ice cream, to the library, grocery store, and shops. I can also send them outside to play in the yard without worrying.

    Having two weekend days without plans or therapy where I can just BE with my kids, at home.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Rachel, I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with Lyme again. But I really wanted to share about a tea I am just learning about called “Cistus” Tea. I can’t yet speak from experience but apparently it makes you repulsive to deer ticks PLUS it can apparently help you heal from Lyme. I am still in the “gathering more information” stage but when you are feeling up to it google it and see what you think. My son suffered from Lyme a few years back and we live in MN so also a lot of deer ticks. I’m thinking I’m going to spend the money (it’s expensive) and buy some for our family. Thought of you when I read your last post and wanted to share. Blessings. ~Amy

  3. KC says:

    Today I am grateful for having friends who older and wiser than me, for cloudy days to help beat the desert heat, for good local food to fill our bellies, for the patience that my soon to be three year old is teaching me.

  4. Karen Braun says:

    Hi Amy,
    I don’t know you, but thank you for sharing the info about the tea for Lyme Disease. Much appreciated!

  5. Suzy says:

    Wonderful things to be thankful for. It is so easy for us to just live our days and not truly be thankful for what is around us. Gratitude is a wonderful way to be in the moment and take advantage of what we have been given.

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