Everyday gratitude

I believe that cultivating gratitude can transform not only how we view our (beautiful yet deeply imperfect) lives, but transforms our lives themselves.

Each week I will share with you seven things that I am thankful for.

I'd love to have you join me in your own post or simply here in the comments.

Because taking just a moment to appreciate what we have can change everything.




Today I'm thankful for…

1. Abundance – August is abundance, no matter how overgrown my garden is this year;

2. Honey – the excitement of realizing our first honey harvest (ever!);

3. Simplifying – another pickup truck load of things we don't need, delivered to the thrift store;

4. Family – an impromptu family Uno night and laughing until our bellies hurt;

5. Home – watching the hills and the creek change through the seasons;

6. Medicine – elderberries ripening on the bushes, just waiting to be transformed into winter tonics for our family;

And 7. Rain – finally, finally rain.

Link up to a post of your own in the comments, or simply leave your list there. I look forward to seeing what ordinary, extraordinary blessings you're counting today.


5 thoughts on “Everyday gratitude

  1. Valerie says:

    1. The beautiful view outside our bedroom window.
    2. Brave and resilient children.
    3. Meeting new neighbors.
    4. Time to unpack and organize our new home.
    5. A gorgeous day!
    6. Hope
    7. The love of my family.

  2. KC says:

    Today I am grateful for:

    1. a three year old who wants to snuggle every morning when she wakes up.
    2. vegetables in my garden finally being big enough to eat
    3. summer monsoon storms
    4. afternoon quiet time to rest my ears from all the cute chatter from my three and five year olds.
    5. postcards from friends far away
    6. time to sew in the evenings
    7. bedtime stories

  3. Cathy says:

    I’m grateful for 1. Healthy bees, and soon-to-be first honey harvest;
    2. A working lawnmower ( for our 5 acres);
    3. Florida weather getting cooler, but still warm enough to go swimming;
    4. Community and how we support each other;
    5. A much needed trip to the beach!

  4. Marie says:

    I’m thankful for

    1. The quiet time before dawn for creating, cooking and crafting
    2. The whir and chug of my Nana’s old Singer as the linen and chambray slide under the needle
    3. The first orange streaks of of sunlight high in the oak, heralding a new day
    4. The decadent luxury of hot running water, pouring down on my head in the shower.
    5. The weekly bounty of the CSA pickup we host for our local farmers
    6. A work lunch bag laden with the bounty of the garden and the season
    7. The sweet voice of my little one on the phone, calling to say “Hi, Mama!” as I sit in my cube shifting piles of work.

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