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Several years ago I happened upon the most captivating artwork at a show I was attending in Minneapolis.  My soap booth was set up close to Lucky Nielsen's display and I kept wandering away from my own stand to get lost in her illustrations.

Seriously. So captivating.

We traded soap for artwork that weekend and have managed to stay in touch through the magic of the internet over the past few years. Several Happy Go Lucky creations still adorn my walls. They are among my most treasured pieces of art.

I wanted to introduce you to Lucky's work because I think you'll fall as in love with it as I have. Below is an interview with Lucky, a coupon code for her shop, and a giveaway of a print that I have hanging in my home as well. 

Because supporting artists and small producers helps create the kind of world that we want to live in. Can I get a "heck yes"?

Heck yes.


Rachel: Tell me about your work.

Lucky: My freelance Illustration career began with the birth of my daughter in 2003 (it allowed me to stay home with her), but it wasn't until after she started school that I really began to conceptualize my business, which officially became Happy Go Lucky Creations in 2010.

Since then I have participated in craft shows, trade shows, had a solo art exhibition, and licensed art to a toy company. It's been a wonderful adventure that has introduced me to the most lovely and creative people. I can't wait to see where it leads to next and who I will meet in the future!

You can find me on Facebook, Etsy, and Spoonflower.


Rachel: What inspires your work?

Lucky: I absolutely adore the style of mid-century children's book illustrators. I also find my daughter's artwork inspiring as her mind is so open and free. But really, I am inspired by everything I see. I am constantly filing colors and shapes and juxtapositions in my mind. There is very little room left in my brain for anything else!


Rachel: Talk about the goodness that comes from the making and sharing of art.

Lucky: I think amazing things happen when we share our passions with others! Wherever your passion lies, may it be in drawing, cooking, growing plants, singing, camping, healing, etc…, it is likely where you will find your talent and happiness. To share this with others is to share knowledge, demonstrate self expression, evolve ideas, evoke wonder, celebrate diversity, and most importantly (to me), inspire passion.


Rachel: What else should we know?

Lucky: Well, speaking of passion, my daughter, Violet, will be following hers this fall. Feeling that traditional school impedes on the 12+ hours a day she devotes to drawing and writing, she has decided to begin homeschooling. We are very excited. I can't wait to share the details of this journey along the way!


Lucky has generously offered one copy of the unicorn print (above) to one Clean reader!

I have this one hanging in my home and it's even better in person – – if that is even possible. (Lucky also offers a matching fabric that I'm working into a quilt at the moment.)

To enter simply leave a comment below. (For extra good juju follow Lucky on Facebook. Trust me – you won't regret it.)

Comments are now closed. The winner is charlotte l who said…

Love the artwork! Thanks for a chance at wining a little magic!

But wait, wait! There's more! Lucky has offered Clean readers a generous 25% off all items in her Etsy shop through August 25th! Just use coupon code "magic2014" during checkout.

Thank you, Lucky for sharing your magic with us all. x

80 thoughts on “Giveaway: Happy Go Lucky Creations

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh those are fantastic!! My daughters would love them in their room… Off to her shop I go! Thank you for sharing!

  2. tamika says:

    my girls would absolutely love the unicorn picture.zariah spends most of her day drawing and creating as well. I only wish I was as good of an artist so that I could help guide her

  3. tracy says:

    Oh my gosh! We are moving to our VERY FIRST FARMHOUSE and I would LOVE to win the unicorn print for my daughters room! It will be her very first time sleeping in a “big girl bed” after 7 years of bed sharing.

  4. Brandi says:

    My boy, Shaymus, would love the ship in the bottle! He’s learning his letters and is forever pointing out, “My S, Mommom!!”
    They are all so whimsical, love ’em.

  5. Marie says:

    Heck Yes! I love supporting real people. And I’d love a chance to win the Unicorn! It would be a great addition to our artwork.

  6. Kim says:

    My daughter is in love with unicorns. This would make her day. Thanks for introducing us to this wonderful at Rachel

  7. Danielle Drown says:

    What wonderful art work! I would love to add this to my children’s room though I am honestly thinking of putting it in my room if I win lol!

  8. Amanda L says:

    How cute, I love the unicorn print! It would look great on my girls’ wall. She’s got some really great prints I need to get my hands on lol.

  9. Val says:

    Your art is beautiful. I’d love to buy a child’s size screen print tee with something like the unicorn/ magic on it. The wall art is just lovely though.

  10. says:

    LOVE this!! My daughter is totally into fairies and unicorns (and mermaids and rainbows, etc.:)

  11. Dreamer Becky says:

    Ohhh…Thank you for this lovely introduction & amazing give away too!
    *LOVE* her vintage-whimsy art & would be over the moon delighted to add Lucky’s “I Believe In Magic” print to our space! Etsy shop has been ‘favorited’!
    Ironically enough…my daughter (also born in 2003) has requested to home school this year, in order to pursue her interests with more time for writing / drawing / dreaming / creating … & I too, am excited to share this journey with her! 🙂
    Thank you for even more inspiration+*+*+

  12. Holly Dean says:

    oh wow, i love it! the quote, the picture, everything. i’m definitely following her on etsy. whoo!

  13. Angie says:

    These are simply beautiful and magical. I can totally understand why you got pulled away to look at them. I love how she talked about as she goes through her days she is constantly filling in color to everything. I love an artists brain!! I know a few little ones, and a big one, that would adore that unicorn print 🙂

  14. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing great art! The ship in a bottle piece is just what I have been looking for for a friend’s new baby.

    As for the unicorn, it would be hard to say if I share it with the niece or it goes up on my wall!

    I agree that they would all look amazing on shirts too!

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