We went looking















We went down to the creek looking for meadowsweet and white willow.

There were tinctures to make for our medicine chest.


We found neither, yet somehow much more than we were seeking.


We found the comfort of our feet moving upon the earth and the wind playing in our hair.

We noticed how the land changes, subtly, in each micro-season-within-a-season, as summer unravels into fall.

We held hands and talked about plants and August and memories. 

We shared stories and silence, laughter and smiles.


We wandered.


We sat by the creek watching frogs, dipping our toes, smelling the forest.

An owl hooted. Insects drift in the late summer sun. Leaves danced and swirled in the wind.

The creek sang.


We picked a few sprigs on the way home. Peppermint for tea, goldenrod for dye, blue vervain for medicine, and wild sunflowers for beauty.

Meadowsweet and white willow, however, were not to be found. They would not find their way into medicine this year.

But medicine was abundant just the same.

Plant medicine, soul medicine.

Love, connection, beauty and peace.


I'll happily take this sort of medicine over more tinctures any day.


4 thoughts on “We went looking

  1. tameka says:

    good morning!
    i just love your photos. the scenery is breathtaking. for which ailments do you use the plants? how do you make the tinctures? i recognize the blue vervain (been practicing my wild flower id, but need more practice), but could you id the other plants, please?

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Tameka,
    White Willow and Meadowsweet we were seeking for my headaches – they are the source of aspirin in it’s pure, natural form. As for the others, blue vervain (tincture or tea of leaf and flowers) is calming; the white flowers above are boneset (historically used for just what it’s name says, but it has other medicinal uses), and the flower lupine is touching is evening primrose. The others are wild sunflowers and random prairie grasses, flowers, and ‘weeds’. Hope that helps!

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