A garden update






It was a gorgeous and gardeny-sort of weekend. Right up until the weather turned.

There was compost to haul, seeds to start, eggs to incubate (more on that another time), and and plans to make.

A neighbor called, curious about our hugelkultur bed and offered to help us haul compost to cover it. We couldn't resist another adult working on the project and got busy digging and filling wheelbarrows.

I'll be honest about the hugel bed. It makes me smile every time I look at it. But hauling the sticks? That was definitely the easy part.

Without a tractor with a loader we did the work of digging and hauling the compost mostly by hand. It was a big job and we're not done yet. We lost count of how many wheelbarrow loads were brought to the bed, but after thirty or more we were ready for a break.

Sore and tired we called it a day and professed to do another round later.

I'm hopeful that we're half-way there.






And then (tireless, unstoppable) Pete set up tables and lights in the kitchen for starting seeds.

He planted herbs and tomatoes some flowers.

Because it was so warm and sunny Lupine set to work outside planting some window boxes she envisioned for her bedroom and transplanted a dandelion into a pot to bring inside, too.

Life felt so very springy around here.

Gardening! Seed starting! Spring.

And then… this.


A garden update


So. Much. Snow.

In 24 hours it went from a warm and sunny gardener's paradise to right back into the thick of winter. I'd guess we have ten inches already and it's still falling.

(And yes, I already packed away our winter gear.)


It's like they say here in Wisconsin. "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

Or, conversely, if you do.


 It might be time to dig the skis out again after all.


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  1. Yanic says:

    Same thing happened to us last week… one day, we were out in hoodies and then, snow storm and 5 inches. But Spring always comes and snow always melts and before long, we will be knee deep in sticky muggy weather, wishing for a bit of the white stuff back. LOL!

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