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We're really just not vacation people. I'm not sure why.

At least we weren't.

Maybe it's because for us vacation is synonymous with camping. And when you live on a farm camping has less appeal then it did when you lived in town.

Maybe it's because the planning is epic. Food, clothing, shelter, fuel, reservations, gear.

Maybe it's because we're homebodies and leaving just doesn't have the draw it could.

Or maybe it's because it's a big deal to arrange for care of farm and home while we're away. And it's hard to leave the animals in someone else's care.

But this trip? This place? This quiet little island in the sea?

For our first-ever family road trip I'm pretty sure we struck gold.

Yes, a vacation like this could become a habit.

The idea of sneaking away each cold and windy February (or what I think of as the month-that-really-should-be-spring-but-never-ever-is) sounds pretty fantastic as I check the weather up North and pack our gear to head for home.

Yes, February, I could love you if I spent you here each year.

More like fab-ruary.

Island time for us began with a one hour ferry ride to a remote park on an island with just us, our gear, and a few other campers. A place with no power, no cars, no roads, no distractions. Just our tent, our family, and beach as far as we care to wander.

It fit our budget, our personality, and our desire for a few quiet days with our feet in the sea.

I think the lesson of this week was to be in the moment, to go with the flow, and to live "island time".

It was an effortless lesson to learn.

We fell asleep when we were tired (often before 8 PM) and woke when we were rested. Our days were spent shelling, walking, knitting and swimming. I never worried or wondered about things like email, phone calls, or life beyond the next wave.


One foggy afternoon as we set out to look for shells I asked Lupine what treasure she was seeking.

Starfish? Sand dollars? A dolphin dancing in the waves?

"I'm seeking a wonderful time," she said.

And that, I think, is the treasure we all found here.


P.S. Thank you, reader Dawn for sharing this gem with us when I asked you for suggestions of a quiet place to visit this winter. You were so right – it is worth the drive and then some. x Rachel


14 thoughts on “Winter wanderings postcard 3: island time

  1. S says:

    Oh! How wonderful. I am so happy you are having such a good time. I would love to hear more about your planning, we are also planning a trip for June from New England to California and back. We are just at the beginning stages and I would love some ideas.

  2. Knitting Mole says:

    Ok, if you can’t share the place specifically, can we at least know what state you’re in?? 🙂 I’m having dreams of someplace tropical, but it does not appear to be so?

  3. Mich says:

    We are in Florida, as well, and plan on spending our winters here going forward. It’s definitely pretty spectacular being in the sun and sand, spending hours in the waves.

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