Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

Exquisitely dreary

It's been raining here, finally. Soft, soaking rain after a long dry spell.

I came in chilled and damp and muddy yesterday and announced, "It's exquisite out there!"

You know – exquisite: damp, wet, drizzly.

Yet somehow, truly, it is.

It can't be sunshine everyday. We'd shrivel.

Because in life and in weather we always hope for sunshine. But the rain makes us complete.

In the rain we gain clarity, humility, depth. In the rain we ask hard questions and seek harder answers. In the rain we stretch, grow, and transform.

Or more literally – we are quenched.

There's been a good share of proverbial "rain" on my life in the past couple of years. And hard as it can be in the moment, I truly believe it has served me. It's helped me become deeper, clearer, more authentic.

It's helped me see life and death, work and rest, success and failure from a whole different vantage point.

The rain, the bumps along our journey – washes away the dust and help us see more clearly where we go from here. It may be cold and damp, it may soak us clean through, but it's just what we need.

And it always leads us once more to blue skies.

Exquisite indeed.


So instead of searching for a life made of endless blue skies, embrace whatever weather life brings today. Go out and be in it, let it soak you straight through.

And know that simple presence with what is will change you.

Though we always wish for sunshine, we deeply need the rain.


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Two asides:

1. Thank you to everyone who signed up for the LüSa Treasure Box subscription! I was beside myself all weekend reading your order notes and seeing familiar names added to my roster. I can't wait to send you your first delivery. True to my words above, the treasure box was born in a moment of "rain" in my life and I'm so thankful for you supporting this dream as it unfolds. This is going to be fun.

2. Tell me everything! I'd love to know what other wild and weed-ish plants you'd like to learn about in the Wonderfully Wild series. Suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged/vital. Without your encouragement and a shout of "yes! I want this!" I'm bound to fizzle. It's a bad habit of mine.




6 thoughts on “Exquisitely dreary

  1. Beth says:

    So what I (w/tears in my eyes) needed this morning! I can’t wait to open the treasure boxes! Thank you, thank you!

  2. sondra says:

    lemon verbena – we left our plants behind before we moved and they were mowed to the ground when new owners moved in. We have added it to teas but never new much about it. Now, we miss it and cannot find any plants at the nursery 🙁

  3. Lotta says:

    Beautiful pictures – I love how the rain leaves perfect droplets of water on leaves and petals. Would also love to know more about lemon verbena, dandelions, wild garlic, nettles and anything else! Thank you!

  4. Gillian says:

    Calendula and Chamomile. Also Lemon Balm, Nettles…whatever knowledge you want to impart! Also, because you have lots of free time, I’m wondering if a future series could be a category herbs are incorporated into. For example, you have done cough syrups and ear aches, etc, but if you/your kid has a cold, here is a simple herbal protocol. We are in the midst of a spring fever, and I want to help her herbally, but can’t always apply what I know about individual herbs to a specific scenario, if that makes sense. So, a common ailment series – fever, cold, tummy discomfort etc maybe?

  5. Charissa says:

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! The raindrops on the flowers and leaves are just beautiful… I loved the lilac pictures you shared earlier this month too!

  6. Yanic says:

    I always welcome a rainy day or 3… I’ve said it many times, you need rain to rest. The call from outside tends to take me away from a lot of things I love doing inside. I almost feel guilty being indoor sewing if it’s beautiful outside. A chance to have a nice cup of tea in summer and rest is a luxury, not a punishment!

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