A little more









If there was one thing that this farm and this family and this homeschooling journey has helped me become, it's just a little more.

A little more present, a little more hard-working, a little more patient, awake, determined.

A little more of me becoming the person I've always wanted to be.

This shift hasn't come through huge or profound transformations or resolutions, but instead through small changes that link together one after the next. A little more. Then a little more again.

And small step by small step these changes have led me toward a more whole version of myself. A me that I'm glad to be becoming.


What if our goal wasn't to be perfectly or completely anything, but instead to be just a little more?


Not big changes in ourselves but small ones.

Small changes that help us become our higher selves, one immeasurable shift at a time.


And then we might find ourselves aligned just a little more with what we value. Even if only for today.

We might become a little more present or a little more alive.

A little more positive, encouraging, or kind.

A little more patient, compassionate, hard-working, or available.

A little more fit or self-loving or joyful or anything that you long to become.


And through these small changes we begin to see our gifts and our struggles more clearly, and move – just a bit – toward our truer self.


For me small steps are easy. They come quickly. They stick. And most importantly, they don't overwhelm.

If our only goal is the smallest step, we never fall short and only move in our best direction.


And so it begins. With just one. Small. Step.

And then one more.


How would it feel if you let yourself become… just a little more?



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