Shawls for love

A shawl raffle for love

A shawl raffle for love

A shawl raffle for love

A shawl raffle for love

One of the loveliest things that has happened since I started blogging is the development of a handful of new friendships with women I've met online. And though most of these friends I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person (or not yet), we are connected through our shared stories and common paths.

Ginny is one of those friends.

I'm not even sure how we met anymore – someone left a comment or shared a link somewhere along the way and it just unfolded from there – but I'm so thankful that is did.

Among other things, Ginny and I share passions for homeschooling, homesteading, goats, undersized houses, and yes, knitting.

We also share a passion for helping others.

So when Ginny announced that she was going to host a handknit shawl raffle to raise money for Iraqi women and children I was in before I even knew the details. I mean honestly. I was – quite literally – casting off my Forest Nymph capelet when I read her call for knitters. Right that minute. It was knitting destiny.

And that's how it happens that my newest shawl – along with eleven others made by eleven other lovely ladies – is up for raffle on Ginny's blog right this minute.

The money being raised will go to Preemptive Love Coalition and be used for emergency relief, education for refugee children, and small business grants to women in Iraq. 

And I can't think of a more important or beautiful way to wear this shawl that by giving it away and knowing that good will come to families far, far away (in every sense) from this quiet and peaceful valley.

To join us, hop over to Small Things and follow Ginny's instructions for making your donation and entering the raffle. It's easy! And you just might take home a lovely wrap to call your own.

Thank you for your big, generous hearts, and for doing what you can to make a difference in the lives of others, even if it's just $5.

Because no matter how broken our world feels at times, every person working for good is tipping the scales of what tomorrow will bring. You can do that. You can change things.

And I can chance things. It's what we're here for.

What do you say we get to work?

A shawl raffle for love

A shawl raffle for love


7 thoughts on “Shawls for love

  1. Sukayna says:

    I am living in Lebanon, and have seen the ravages of war…..firsthand, with my babes. I have also seen so many Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Often the brunt of the tragedy of war is born by women and children. i am really moved to read that you all are doing something for the-good. My three girls and I, though not at all wealthy, often purge our home of furniture, clothes and toys which we then deliver to refugee families in our area. We usually bring treats too 🙂
    I suppose I am writing to thank you and also to let you know, from the other side, that the kindness multiplies and the sentiment of human love and support does carry across borders and languages. Thanks for choosing to love and support, to help and to show compassion. You are absolutely correct, that every drop in the bucket matters, and eventually we can change the way things are going. Salaam ( peace) from Nabatiye province in southern Lebanon, from our homeschooling family to yours!

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